1080p HDTV Review


1080p HDTV

1080p HDTV

By Anne Ahira

The Good

Picture quality is better, especially on bigger models; other features available on these high-end models not on lower resolution models.

The Bad

Improved picture barely noticeable on screens under 50 inches; 1080p HDTV sets are quite a bit more expensive than 1080i or 720p sets of similar size.



The Bottom Line

The average viewer may not notice much difference. Owners of state-of-the-art home theater systems or those who want to enjoy the best technology available are going to find more to love about 1080p HDTV.


Choosing a 1080p HDTV can be a wise choice for some viewers. Obviously, as the big switch to HDTV comes in February 2009 in the United States, more people are going to be swapping their out-of-date sets for newer models capable of handling the more intense picture and crisper images produced by a 1080p HDTV set.

The 1080p refers to the television’s native source of resolution. And this number does affect the picture quality, particularly when you are looking at larger screens, such as the massive 50 inch and over models.

On smaller screens, the difference between 1080i, 720p, and 1080p are not as great. Most viewers are not going to regret saving their money by purchasing one of the sets with a lower native resolution.

When are you better off choosing the 1080p HDTV? You’re going to benefit the most if you are interested in newer technology, such as Blu-Ray.

These sources of video are going to showcase the real picture capabilities of this resolution more than anything you can throw at it right now.

If you’re only planning to watch television and old DVDs on the set, you could probably wait a little longer until the prices on these models drop or you could pick up one of the models with 1080i or 720p resolution.

With that said, give the 1080p HDTV models a look before you make any kind of decision.

Not only are the prices on these models expected to begin following soon as the demand heats up but many of the manufacturers have added extra features to these sets that you won’t find on the lower resolution models.

Some of these features are intended to further improve picture quality, such as more control over the contrast.

If you’re interested in getting the best picture possible, you might be better off focusing on the type of television you choose.

LCD screens are notable for their brighter colors, for example, so choosing one of these models in a lower resolution is still going to give you a beautiful picture.

DLP models, on the other hand, are a little darker and not as crisp. For these, especially the larger models, you’ll probably want to upgrade to the higher 1080p HDTV resolution.

Plasma screens are middle of the road, but if you have the extra cash to spend and you want to get a high-end television, opt for a model with this resolution.

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