I can hardly describe what trance music does for me. It completely relaxes mind and body, and it delivers me to a euphoric state. Those of you who have listened to this genre of music know what I am talking about.

Trance music provides us all with a necessary escape. We all need an escape, some sort of pressure release that can remove us from the struggle and stress of our daily lives. It is very unhealthy to keep all that tension bottle up, it raises blood pressure, makes it almost impossible to get a good sleep, and ultimately can have very serious/fatal effects on your health.

While trance music relaxes and in a way desensitizes us, it also energizes and awakens us. That is a very contradictory combination but again for those of you who have experienced its effects you know precisely what I am talking about. If you allow the music to take you away it can and will deliver you to a state of ecstasy.

Trance music is healthy, and now with beat software it has never been more enjoyable. Beat software allows you to record meditative music right on your computer. That way it is one hundred percent catered to your specific needs and tastes.

We all have different mental and emotional triggers, which is why it is hard for commercial music to touch all of us powerfully. With beat software you can make trance music that was designed specifically to relax and transport your mind and body.

The best part about all this is how inexpensive and easy to use beat software is. Even a complete newbie to beat software could record a professional sounding trance track within half an hour of downloading the software! After you record your music you can just burn your tracks onto CD and take them to a party, club, or just enjoy them yourself.