Mobile phones are a very essential part of our daily life. It is not just a gadget we use to stay connected but has a variety of functions attached to it which is making our life even more comfortable and entertaining. We can download latest music videos, graphics, and games, songs on our cell phone from various online website either for free or for very nominal monthly charges.

If you want to download ringtones online for your mobile phone, than there are certain key facts that you should keep track of. Many online ringtone companies automatically lock you for monthly subscription without your consent once you download ringtone from their sites. Always carry out necessary research before you decide on buying anything online. Read through the fine prints and the terms and condition you are agreeing to.

Jamster is an authentic website which provides various categories of ringtones, video games, graphics, songs etc to its users. They update the selection list very often so you can get the latest ringtones and songs. At Jamster you can choose from thousands of MP3 ringtones, video ringtones, fun tones etc for your mobile. Make a stylish statement by downloading from the cool categories dance, rock, hiphop, country music ringtones etc.

Jamster also has live chat facility. If you have problem downloading to your mobile phone, you can always chat with their customer service representative and get a quick solution to your problem. By subscribing to a monthly plan of 9.99$ you get access to 6 ringtones/videos, 10 graphics and 4 games/apps.

Some ringtone companies do not make it clear as to what you will get when you subscribe to their services and many of them require that you have internet access in order to download the ringtones. Also another very important factor that you have to check is if they support your cell phone provider to buy the ringtones.

Cancelling your plan at Jamster is also very easy. You just have to forward a sms “STOP” at 75555 or you can also call there 24/7 toll-free number. The best way to shop for an ringtone online is to by researching first before you dive in for making the purchase and wasting your money. Also make sure to read through reviews of what other people have experienced about the site.