How do we create the environment of stability? Especially if our lives have been wracked by upheaval and chaos? Everyone has their challenges, the waves of the sea are always churning and some storms are more destructive than others. Some waves are just hitting the shores with negligible damage and are enjoyable to watch and listen to on the beach, while others can be an outright disaster when they build up to the level of a tsunami and obliterate everything you have worked for in the blink of an eye.

Clearly, the objects, people, that are most firmly anchored, have the best chance of surviving and thriving despite the crashing sea.

We have to learn how to drop anchor. We have to create stability by being stable, by repeating certain habits till they become part of our daily routine and anchor us in a meaningful (for us) and positive way.

Most people would agree that smoking is definitely a habit, but not much of a positive one, nor an effective anchor because it continues to damage the ship (your body) while a true anchor protects the ship from being destroyed by the wild nature of the ocean.

And no offense to those who are already ensconced in this habit, because I still have plenty of my own damaging routines which have been built up over the years, but I am adamant to do my best to replace them with good anchors that preserve the ship for the journey.

Find an anchor, find one activity which is healthy for your body, mind and spirit and keep at it. Try to keep at it even when you are faced with challenges, perhaps you will not be as tranquil in your mind, but this activity will help to anchor you and get you through the waves when they rise up to the level of a storm as we know will happen one time or another in life.

Without firm boundaries and anchors, nothing really has any form. Without walls, there can be no home and without walls, there can be no pool, so building boundaries, is a good thing, whether it be for a vineyard or for a house, that is the way to establish your place and your domain in your world.

So, perhaps you already have all of your anchors lined up. And that is great. This idea though has been somewhat new to me, maybe not in terms of understanding it conceptually, but from experiencing it in practice.

Over the last year now, I have been building anchors so to speak, despite my inbred nature of depression, whether it be genetic or learned, it has been my nature for many years but I have been pushing against that wave through volunteering, going to school, studying for a new career and now swimming. Those are all good anchors that have been good for the ship to stay a course of helping others and myself.

I do not think it matters whichever one a person might choose, whatever type of anchor it is, as long as it is one that you enjoy and that you do your best to commit to. Maybe it is music, maybe art, maybe a specific field (there is that field again, remember the vineyard) that you work in, maybe it is volunteering, mentoring, working out, you pick it, but at least get one that can serve as a strong anchor.

We do see this concept in nature, our solar system revolving around the pull of the sun, our own bodies, held close to the earth by gravity, our personal lives, which have probably revolved around the relationships with less than ten people, whether they have been great relationships and whether they have been stormy, the point is to start today to enhance the good anchors in our lives. And if we do not have any, pick at least one to start with and build from there.

I see an incremental improvement in most areas of my life because I have dropped some powerful anchors to protect the ship. There is no perfection, just trying to keep making progress and having these anchors is definitely contributing to staying a productive course.