A newspaper to begin a day with, even two or more when one chooses to. The importance of media in our lives has tremendously grown as a means of giving news to an essential tool we have come to love over the years. And most people are finally realizing just how much influential newspapers have become. That is not just saying it but a real fact.

There was a time when people were okay without the thought of it. Today that is simply a sound of the past. Much more than electronic media can do the print version of media and entertainment have gained significant importance. Of course, television and radio have faithful audiences and listeners and I’m sure they are well loved. But at the rate newspapers are going, it looks like they are here to stay. From giving us sad and happy news to enlightening our minds with a series of entertainments, here is something that amazingly holds a range of interesting things.

It is no wonder then, that the morning tea is not complete without the newspapers to accompany you. It gives you a great package and has everything that your mind is in search of. Sometimes, it’s more like reading a great book. The only difference is, it’s got more colours, having a little bit of everything put together to fit into everybody’s taste. Politics, national and international happenings, sports, cartoons, crimes of sorts, human interests, life’s valuable lessons, reviews and sorts of entertainment. Yes, you name it! Imagine, it must be some real hard work to bring up something like it everyday.

What more can you ask for? You get to voice your opinions too. And the best part is, it works for the truth-a report of facts, whether it’s music to the ears or some ugly truths. Though it is hard to realise the importance newspapers play in our lives, it goes without saying that we are passing everyday, dwelling in its glory. No matter which corner of the world you are in, you don’t have to worry about losing track of the things happening beyond your reach. There is this faithful media to give you glimpses of everything even when you are not there to witness the show.

The interesting thing is that the media is like a power tool. Everything it does is for the good of the public. It is a voice of the society that rings out their views and opinions. Apart from being a faithful news provider, it goes on to lift up those who seem to have no stand in the society in the public eye. It encourages people to do well by featuring those who have achieved well in life, not be dishonest and unfair means but by hard work, crossing obstacles and struggles. Newspapers carry the voice of the youth and those who have a heart to make our land a better place to live in.

Today, more than ever, we rely on this news-giving instrument that does more than its part. It is widely reaching out to bring more light to our society. How would we know of any wrong or unfair practises that raised an undeserving person to a higher platform if there were no media to tell us so? Lesser care for the dying human beings, those without a home would have remained in the shadow if issues like this one have never been highlighted. Or any good undertaken by the government will also be an untold story in the absence of media.

Most of us would be living in our own closed worlds without an idea of what’s going on beyond our borders. Maybe it’s time we acknowledge how well they have played their game. The nicer thing being, they will continue to shower us with more than we can ask for.

Bridging the gaps of a thousand miles, even expanding the joys of small events taking place in our own towns, the role of the media is beyond description. The hard work they stitch together to produce a daily newspaper will always be our morning anticipation that lights our paths.