Consumers all over the world have embraced Apple’s iPhone. Since this innovative mobile device contains storage space for songs, many use it as a media player. Using a built-in interface, songs can be purchased from iTunes and added to the device.

However, some people make their own songs or buy them on CD. There is a slightly different process for adding these files to your iPhone. Also, some music fans with different types of MP3 players may be in the habit of acquiring songs as MP3 downloads. Let’s look at how these files can be added to your iPhone.

Adding Your Own MP3 Files to Your iTunes Library

If you have MP3 downloads on your computer already, it is fairly easy to incorporate them into your iTunes library. From there, you can sync them to your iPhone for mobile enjoyment. To do this, simply go to the “File” tab and look for the option called “Add to Library.”

Windows-based computers will have separate options for adding a file or an entire folder. Once you’ve attached your iPhone to your computer via USB, you will be able to copy the files to your phone by arranging them into a playlist. Also, you can sync your entire library to your phone.

Adding MP3 Files from CD

If you have songs on CD, you will need to rip them to your computer first. It is easy to import them into iTunes if you save them in MP3 format. Once you’ve ripped the CD onto your computer, you can import them using the same technique that works for your other MP3 downloads.

Simply locate the file on your computer and use the “Add to Library” feature to prepare it for syncing. Much like the process involved in adding the existing MP3s from your computer, simply drag and drop the folder or playlist containing the songs onto your iPhone’s icon on the left hand side of the iTunes interface. This will load the songs onto your iPhone.

Few smartphones have energized consumers in the same way as Apple’s iPhone. With countless mobile applications with plenty of advanced features, fans can accomplish lots of tasks with the device. Listening to music on the go is one of the top features of popular smartphones. Take advantage of these tips to load your phone with all of your favorite songs. Doing so just might make your old MP3 player obsolete.