This article is important because it tells music lovers how to get free and legal MP3 music. In addition it tells composers and musicians how to get their music published, listened to, critiqued and rated. Nothing quite like this has ever been available before and one of the most exciting things is that the music will be distributed to thousands and thousands of listeners all over the world. And it is all free.

The composers and musicians write and play their compositions onto a new kind of website where music lovers choose the genre of music they wish to listen to, and then choose the artist they want to hear. Then they rate the music as to the entertainment value they feel the music deserves. Each month the artist in each venue with the highest approval rating wins a competition. One of the best things is that after a listener has previewed three songs he or she is entitled to download the song of his choice for free.

What an opportunity for new performer and composers looking for a way to get their music published and listened too. And what an opportunity this represents for music listeners to discover new talent. You can believe that this music is music you have never heard. Some of it you will love, and some of it you will hate, but you have the opportunity to let the people that put the music together know how you feel about their output.

The big record labels really don’t want you to know about this opportunity to perform and listen, but they will be watching the performers who rate high, and it would not be a surprise if some of those performers don’t start actually showing up on the big labels themselves. It is hard to know how big this concept will grow to be, but it is off to an exciting start.

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