7.1 Computer Speakers


7.1 Computer Speakers

7.1 Computer Speakers

By Anne Ahira

If you have a computer, you no doubt have too cute little speakers sitting on your desk. 

Admittedly, the speakers can sound very good but what if you could add a little surround to your computing experience?

Imagine your favorite computer game through 7.1 computer speakers. The enemy would have a really hard time sneaking up on you that is for sure.



Most of what you will find at your local retailer will be at the most 5.1 surround. You will likely have to take the search to the Internet to find 7.1 computer speakers.

One of the best systems available is 7.1 computer speakers from creative labs.  You may have to dig a little to find them but when you do, they are worth it.


  • Power rating-700 watts RMS, 700 watts total system burst power
  • Requirements – sound card or on board audio supporting 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1
  • Six wall mountable speakers/ six desk stands
  • One center speaker
  • One subwoofer
  • One audio control
  • Three 10 foot cables
  • Two 23 foot cables
  • 7.1 audio cable


The 210-watt sub woofer will give you chest-pounding bass and the 7.1 computer speakers will give you more sound than you thought possible. Jam to your favorite tunes while working from home or just because you can.

Gamers will love the additional two speakers that will give them precise positional audio that you simply cannot get with a 5.1 system. 

To put it more simply you will be able to hear your enemies coming in from anywhere and enjoy suitably realistic explosions. Overall, there is something to love for everyone in the house with these 7.1 computer speakers.

The ultimate convenience comes in the form of a wireless remote. Now you have a quick way to turn down the music when you see mom and dad pulling in the drive.


While the 7.1 computer speakers are a gamers dream, the price point on the speakers is still quite high. You can expect to spend in the neighborhood of $500 before tax.

You have to remember that you are connecting seven speakers and a subwoofer to your Computer System. This means that the wild mess of wires will only be compounded. You might want to invest in some zippy ties if you are going to purchase 7.1 computer speakers.


These are the latest and greatest from creative labs hence the large price tag. Nevertheless if you are a tech junkie like many people are you will thoroughly enjoying the 7.1 computer speakers.

Be prepared to upgrade your sound card in the very near future, as of right now there is no sound card rated for this kind of speaker system.

The system will work with a 5.1 or 6.1 sound card that it is a given that soon manufacturers will be offering upgraded models.

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