7.1 Speaker System


7.1 Speaker System

7.1 Speaker System

By Anne Ahira

In order to have a great home theater system you must have a receiver and a 7.1 speaker system.

This will give you the latest in surround sound technology and round out your theater experience nicely.

You can get smaller speaker systems such as a 5.1, but for about the same money you can add two more speakers and lots more sound, so why not?

A popular 7.1 speaker system is the Onkyo. They retail a bit under $400 online and are stylish looking to boot.



  • 7.1-channel speaker package
  • 7 - 2-way acoustic-suspension speakers
  • Powered subwoofer
  • 230-watt amplifier
  • Mount them on the wall or set on tables
  • Shielded magnetically
  • 10” driver delivers frequency response of 25-150 Hz


This 7.1 speaker system has a pounding 230 watt powered subwoofer. This means that when King Kong runs through the jungle you will feel it down to your bones!

A powerful subwoofer is an integral part of any home theater system and this 7.1 speaker system offers one of the best.

Home theater speaker systems can cost a pretty penny. The Onkyo 7.1 speaker system comes in at a very modest $385 on Amazon. In this economy, everyone needs to be able to save a little.

The verdict is in on these speakers and customers are very happy with the quality of sound produced even from a wide variety of receivers. Some are pairing this 7.1 speaker system with an Onkyo receiver and others are using Samsung, Sony and others.

Across the board, the speakers are performing well no matter which receiver is used, though some suggest the absolute best is with the Onkyo 606 receiver.


Truthfully, a surround sound system is only as good as its weakest link, and a few customers have found that to be in the speaker wire. This 7.1 speaker system ships with very thin speaker wire and some of it will be a hassle in length.

However, with the savings on the speakers themselves you can easily upgrade the speaker wire and take care of the problem.

These speakers are big, if you are looking for small and unobtrusive this is not the 7.1 speaker system for you. They are about 14 inches high and the pictures online do them no justice.

That is not to say they are unattractive, but if you are limited on space or prefer a discreet surround sound you may want to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Unless you are an audiophile, you are going to be more than pleased with the Onkyo 7.1 speaker system. They will rattle the walls and make instant enemies with the neighbors at about 60% volume.

Put these together with a receiver and your video player and you will experience the ultimate in home theater sound.

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