Best Laser Printer


Best Laser Printer

Best Laser Printer

By Anne Ahira

Laser printers can run into several thousand dollars in a hurry. For a new business or one trying to stay afloat these days that can be a tough nut to crack.

Of course, the flip side of that are laser printers that are cheaper but produce poor quality prints.


In short falling somewhere in the middle can be a trick, the best laser printer that fits these categories is the Xerox Phaser line.

This is the best laser printer for under $500 on the market. It is a perfect small laser printer for the new business just starting out or trying to keep cost down. It is a quick color laser printer with just the right mix of features and price.


  • First page out time 17 seconds
  • 12 pages per minute color
  • 16 pages per minute black
  • 333 MHz processor
  • 128 MB of memory
  • 600 x 600 x 4 dpi
  • Simple install
  • Comes with toner pre-loaded


Color print jobs will virtually come alive with the Xerox 6130, utilizing multiple modes that are capable of 600 x 600 x 4 dpi. This printer also offers an amazing 16 shades per color pixel.

Your presentations will look brighter and sharper than ever with the best laser printer for the money.

Electronics, specifically printers and computers can be a handful to install and get up to operating speed. The Xerox is the best laser printer for directions as well as cost. You have a choice of either poster size step-by-step instructions or a disc.

Either way this printer comes ready to work nearly straight out of the box. You will need to carefully remove all packing tape, lock in the toner cartridge, power cord and connect to network or your personal pc, that is all there is to it.


This printer is not the best laser printer for power consumption. You will want to have this horse on its own power source and not shared, as is the case with many home or small offices.

The accessories for this printer are pretty expensive; however, you can beat the branding by going with general devices instead.

For instance if you need extra memory do not fork out the money Xerox is asking simply purchase a1 GB DDR memory stick like you would use for your laptop, these will work just the same.


If you need a cheap laser printer for your home or office, the Xerox 6130 is the best laser printer you can find. It will give you a quality job you can be proud of and not cause you to take out a second mortgage.

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