Will Blu Ray DVD Movies Succeed?


Blu Ray DVD Movies

By Anne Ahira

In an age where most folks can’t wait to get their hands on the latest gadget, Blu Ray DVD movies have yet to achieve success.

In fact, the sales numbers have been so unimpressive that Blu Ray manufacturers were forced to cut prices over the holiday season in a desperate attempt to encourage consumers to give this new technology a chance.

But we are getting little ahead of ourselves here. Let us take a moment to explain what Blu Ray DVD movies actually are. For those of you who don’t know, and according to the sales figures there may be many, Blu Ray is the next step forward in home movie viewing technology.

Just like DVDs, Blu Ray movies are sold in disc form. But Blu Ray DVD movies do offer several advantages over old DVD discs.

To begin with, the Blu Ray is specifically designed to offer high definition resolution, which means that the picture is up to four times better than a standard DVD disc. The Blu Ray also provides up to five times the amount of storage space as a DVD. This means that there is no longer a need for double or triple disc packages.

But that’s not all. Blu Ray DVD movies are also scratch resistant, so you should not encounter any problems with skipping or freezing like ordinary DVDs.

Lastly, because the discs have more storage space, Blu Ray DVD Movies customarily include more special features that regular DVDs.

With all of these advantages, it is hard to believe that Blu Ray DVD movies aren’t flying of the shelves. There are, of course, many go reasons for this, which we will discuss in the next few paragraphs.

The first and most obvious reason why these movies have not caught on with the public is the price. The average Blu Ray DVD movies are about 30-40 percent more expensive than DVDs. They are also not as widely available as DVDs and some stores simply do not carry them.

Another reason that these discs have failed to pique the public’s interest is that Blue Ray DVD movies will only play on Blu players. That’s right! They won’t play on regular DVD players.

As you might expect, these Blu Ray player are about four times the price of the average DVD player. This is due to the fact that DVD players have been around for many years and competition and improved technology has forced prices down to the point where nearly anyone can afford them.

This is a major problem when you consider the near ubiquity of DVD players. Think about it! Not only are they in our homes, but they are also in our cars and computers.

That means that if we want to improve the picture quality a bit we have to replace all of these players, not to mention jettisoning our entire DVD collections! For most folks, that could cost several hundreds, even thousands of dollars. And at this point, most people are simply not willing to make that kind of investment.

That is why Blu Ray DVD movies have really only been a hit with movie buffs and with people who have the money to replace all of their DVD players as well as their discs.

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