Blue Ray Player


Blue Ray Player

Blue Ray Player

By Anne Ahira

Those of us lucky enough to be on this earth long enough can remember the days of no video playback devices in the home at all.

Then there was the war between VHS and Beta Tapes, which VHS won, then came the Laser Disk, which was followed and replaced by the DVD.

And today we have the Blue Ray Player. The cool thing about this is that the people that designed Blue Ray took into account the many conventional DVDs in homes and thus made the new technology backwards compatible.

To the layperson that means that today’s Blue Ray Player will still play the DVDs that you already own so you may not need to replace them with the new format as you did when you moved from VHS to DVD. I say you may not because it depends a lot on your wants, needs and desires.

The Blue Ray Player will not improve the quality of the video signal on your standard DVD and the Blue Ray disk of the same movie will have much better detail, crisper picture and sound and just generally look phenomenal. On some of movies that you own that might not mean anything to you from a viewing standpoint.

If you love old classics there is a good chance that upgrading that disc to Blue Ray might not make sense. If however you like things like the Terminator, you will see a difference in the Blue Ray disc and it might be worth the upgrade. That is entirely up to you.

Even the cheapest Blue Ray Player will give you a better image and sound quality than a top of the line DVD player from even a few months back. That is because as technology moves on they find better ways to do things and pass that technology on to the consumers.

Buying a Blue Ray Player is still a fairly costly process. The players cost more than a standard DVD but yield a better result. The cost of a Blue Ray disc is considerably more than the same title on a standard DVD so you need to make sure that you will get enough enjoyment out of the improved picture quality to warrant the increased price you will pay for it.

A Blue Ray Player is something that, according to projections will be in every home in America within the next few years. As prices drop this is a fairly obtainable goal and as your current DVD player ages and becomes problematic, it may well make sense to replace it with a Blue Ray since they are compatible with your current DVDs and that way you are set to go should you wish to make the move into the Blue Ray revolution.

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