Camera Tripod


Camera Tripod

Camera Tripod

By Anne Ahira

If you own a camera whether it is of the film variety or a digital camera or even a camcorder. One thing that you are going to want to get as the first accessory after a camera bag is a Camera Tripod.

This really neat thing allows you to take better photos by mounting the camera or camcorder on it and it steady’s the unit so that there is no camera shake so you get e less blurry photograph or video even in lower lighting.

The other thing that a Camera Tripod can do is allow you to use the self-timer mechanism on the camera so that you can dun up and get in the shot as well. Let’s face it, it is hard to hold a camera and be in the shot too.

The tripod makes it possible for dads everywhere to finally be in some of those family photos instead of always behind the camera and out of the picture.

A Camera Tripod comes in several varieties. There are light and heavy duty and then there are some with levels to make sure that the photo is square and level to the ground. Some of the tripods have what is known as a quick release. Normally when you mount a camera to a tripod you have to screw the camera onto the tripod-mounting shoe.

However if your Camera Tripod has a quick release feature, you take the show off the tripod and screw that show onto the camera and then the camera can just snap on and off the tripod in seconds as opposed to taking a but more time to hand screw on and it also saves the wear and tear on the camera mounting screw.

The Camera Tripod will some times have a handle on it to allow you to carry it more easily and they are made out of lightweight aluminum alloys to allow them to be very light weight.

The Camera Tripod will allow you to raise it in height both by adjusting the legs, which usually have three sections and the center pole also extends with a crank to raise the camera up to a comfortable angle. On top of that the head where the camera mounts may also tilt up to 90 degrees to allow for different camera angles so you can get different shots.

Some of the Camera Tripod choices out there even come complete with a carry case to allow you to store the tripod when not in use keeping it dust and scratch free so it keeps looking good and brand new for a long time after purchase. This is a must have accessory that should be purchased by anyone buying a camera or camcorder for the first time.

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