Canon SD100


Canon Sd100

Canon SD100

By Anne Ahira

A national pastime anymore is taking pictures. What used to be reserved for special occasions is now an everyday event.

People are apt to take a photo of just about anything, why do you think that cell phones started adding them to their handsets?

A brand of camera you will instantly recognize is Canon. For generations they have been making cameras for all kinds of users. Today that means just about everyone. One of their popular models is the Canon SD100 digital camera.


  • 8.0 mega pixel
  • 3x optical zoom
  • 2.5 inch viewing screen
  • Face detection
  • Motion detection
  • SD memory card slot


The Canon SD100 offers 8 megapixels, this means you images will come out vivid and clear even when enlarged or cropped.

Have you ever take a picture off of your camera and try to blow it up to regular size?  Did you notice that the photo then looked grainy or stretched?

That happened because of the pixels of the camera that took the image and the resolution setting. With the Canon SD100, you can enlarge photos to an amazing 16 x 22 inch print!

Anyone with small children or pets that they like to take pictures knows there is nothing more frustrating than having the perfect shot and snapping the picture only to have the subject move at the last minute.

The resulting image looks like the revenge of the blob! Canon SD100 has motion detection; this feature evaluates how fast the subject is moving and adjusts accordingly to give you the best picture possible.

The Canon SD100 is a small camera perfect for taking with you everywhere you go. Not much bigger than a deck of playing cards, this camera will fit easily in a shirt or pants pocket. Never miss another picture perfect moment with this small portable digital camera.

One of the most important aspects of any gadget is ease of use. The Canon SD100 fits the bill; people of all skill levels will be able to use this camera. It has intuitive design and buttons, and is very easy to set up on your home computer for transferring images.

Customer Reactions

You can read all the reviews and manufacturer spec sheets in the world but what really tells the tale is the experience of other customers.

The Canon SD100 has been reviewed over 700 times on Amazon alone. Of those reviews, 506 gave this camera a perfect score.

Another 153 scored this camera four out of five stars, now no matter how you look at it those are impressive numbers for a digital camera. People have been more than pleased with the performance of the Canon SD100.

Bottom Line

Great camera for the money, portable, easy to use and renders great images. What more could you ask a camera to do?

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