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Car CD Player

By Anne Ahira

When you’re buying a new car CD player, you want something that is going to allow you to enjoy your music as much as possible. That means you don’t necessarily want to look only at the dollars and cents.

If you love your music, you want something that is going to do it justice. Of course, there are some other factors to consider when looking at a particular car CD player. Here are a few of the features you might want to keep your eyes open for.

Anti-Skip Technology

Don’t you hate going over a bump in the middle of the road and missing the best part of your favorite song because the impact of the comedown caused the disc to skip?

There’s really no excuse for that since anti-skip technology has been found in some of the earliest car kits and car CD player models on the market.

Basically, the technology is always reading ahead of what is playing to ensure that bumps in the road don’t distort or cause problems with playback. This is definitely something you want in any car CD player.

Removable Face Plates

While the main benefit of having a removable faceplate on your car CD player is probably obvious, there are other reasons to look for this feature. Generally, the only models that won’t include this feature are at the very bottom of the price and quality spectrum.

That’s not necessarily what you want to purchase for your car. Plus, you don’t want you car CD player to attract potential thieves who might be tempted to break your windows or do other damage just to take out a cheap piece of audio equipment.

Subwoofer Output

While this may not be the most important feature, you might regret not looking for it later on. Basically, the subwoofer output means that you can attach a subwoofer to your car CD player and really get the bass pumping in your car.

This is a great idea if you really want to enjoy your music. However, not all of the car CD player models on the market are going to come with this output so make sure you choose one that does.

CD-R Playback

In efforts to control music piracy, some manufacturers have decided not to build car CD player units that will recognize or play burned discs. These would mixes you’ve made at home and then transferred onto your own blank CDs.

These mix CDs can be a lot of fun in the car and they can prevent accidents because you won’t be busy changing CDs every five seconds. If you enjoy playing these discs in your car or think you’d want to in the future, consider getting g a car CD player that supports this type of playback.

Finally, read as many reviews as possible about the models of car CD player you are considering. There are many available so take advantage of the plentiful information and make a wise choice.

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