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The Growth of Samsung Mobiles


Samsung Mobiles

By Anne Ahira

It can be difficult to find a phone these days. There are so many appealing options to choose from, each of them offering more features than you could probably ever use.

Prices are also highly competitive and similar phones are often only separated by a small amount, even when offered by different manufacturers.

In this article we are going to take a look at Samsung mobiles and what they can offer the average cell phone user.

Many people are a bit surprised when they learn that Samsung is now the largest electronics producer on the planet, ahead of global giants like Sony and Sharp. Their most popular products include televisions, digital cameras and mobile phone.

When it comes to the crowded mobile phone market, Samsung is currently fast on the heels of market leader Nokia. How did Samsung mobiles achieve such in impressive feat in a crowded market?

Well, mostly it comes down to series of innovations and the fact that the company has been a step ahead of the competition for the last few years.

The story of the Samsung mobile phone began in 1988 when they released their first mobile, the SH-100, which was not a hit. But the company pressed on and last year they finally overtook Motorola as the number two mobile phone maker on the planet.

This must have executives at Nokia losing their ties, since Samsung mobiles is growing increasing popular in developing countries like China and India.

If there was a watershed moment for the company, it occurred in the 90‘s when the company released CDMA, which became a standard technology in mobile phones before it was replaced, years later, by GSM.

It may have been at this pivotal point that that company insiders realized that the future of Samsung mobiles could be defined by innovation.

Milestone Phones

As we mentioned earlier, the SH-100 was released in 1988, and though it was not it a hit, it was the first Korean made phone. It was also considered quite innovative by reviewers and users alike, which gave the company the confidence to make new investments in research and development.

Years later, in 2002, those investments paid off when the company released the SGH-T-100. It was officially billed at the world’s first TFT-LCD phone and it was Samsung’s biggest seller to date with sales of over 10 million units.

But the company did not rest on it laurels and it continued to improve every aspect of the new Samsung mobiles. Sensing that multimedia features and digital technology would become increasingly popular throughout the decade, Samsung invested heavily in R & D to address these market trends.

Released in 2006, the Samsung D900 was a top seller for the company and ranked as one of the world’s thinnest mobiles in history. It also had superior speaker quality for conversations and for multimedia applications.

The new Samsung Mobiles that are part of the company’s Q series offer superior touch-screen technology that has been an early hit with users. These phones not only provide more special features than a phone in company history, but they are also extremely easy to operate.

Pink Bluetooth


Pink Bluetooth

Pink Bluetooth

By Anne Ahira

Bluetooth headsets are all the rage nowadays especially since in some areas of the country it is illegal to talk on your phone and drive.

For the lady’s manufacturers realized that some variety of color would be a good marketing ploy, so now there are pink Bluetooth, magenta Bluetooth and a host of other colors.

For the purposes here, we will examine a very popular pink Bluetooth headset, the Motorola H500.




  • 10 hour talk
  • Call button
  • Bluetooth class 2
  • Charge time less than 1 hour
  • 150 hour standby


This pink Bluetooth headset is one of the best on the market, hands down. Motorola has raised the bar on hands free devices. First off, this is one of the most comfortable headsets you will find. Many out there are too loose; too tight or just generally do not fit well.

If you have tried more than one headset, you know that audio quality will vary greatly from one brand to the next. The H500 pink Bluetooth headset has great audio every time right up to the moment the battery dies! Many headsets we have tried become fuzzy, low or echo when the battery becomes low, not the H500.

Bluetooth headsets are prone to dropping their connection to your phone. The Motorola H500 pink Bluetooth will maintain a strong connection and if it does ever drop your phone, it will pick it back up quickly with no prompting from you.

In fact, the pairing feature can actually be too good, if you are home and not wanting to use the hands free be sure to turn off either the headset or the Bluetooth on your phone, because they will pair up and you will be yelling into your phone wondering why you cannot hear anyone, (yes this is experience talking!)

For such a great pink Bluetooth headset, it is surprising that you can purchase them so cheaply. On Amazon, you can buy a brand new one for less than $20. Spend a couple of dollars more and get a neat carrying case for your pink Bluetooth headset as well.

Bottom Line

Headsets should sound good, fit comfortably and be well priced, and the Motorola hits all three of these out of the park. We have tried many headsets over the last couple of years and there is not one priced this reasonably that is better.

Of course, if you want to spend over $100 you can purchase high-end units that will practically talk for you, but who has that kind of money to throw around on a headset?