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iPhone 3.0 Release Time

iPhone 3.0

iPhone 3.0

By Anne Ahira

Many people keep asking about iphone 3.0 release time since months ago.  Apple has finally confirmed that the new iPhone 3.0 release time is 17 June.  It is also said that the new OS update will cost $9.99 in the USA for iPod touch customer.

Last time in March, Apple said customers who download new OS will get a lot of new features bringing to the phone in line with competing brands from BlackBerry to Palm. But too bad, not all these new features will be available to all users. Like AT&T in the US will not be offering MMS until later in the summer.

There are only 22 from 42 operators right now offering Apple handset will be offering the thethering service which allow users to have their iPhone connected to the laptop and surf from their laptop computer instead of on the phone.

XBox Live Down June 16



By Anne Ahira

Xbox Live down June 16. Microsoft’s Xbox Live will be down for maintance. That means there won’t be Zune Marketplace, Zune Social as well as forums during this time.

Another sections that will be down include the forums which will be read only.

Most of features will be available with no interruptions, that is according to Blast Magazine about Xbox Live down on June 16.

So, When Will Xbox Live be Back Online?

The maintanance could last up to 24 hours and start at 12 AM PST, that means xBox users will have to spend a little time away from their favorite xBox, and spend sometimes with their family instead!

For Xbox 360 lovers, try not to get mad at Microsoft! :-)

Xbox Live Down on June 16 must be for a reason! Microsoft is undertaking this maintenance to get ready for many new features. These also include, Twitter as well as Facebook to the paid service.

So, let’s just wait for the next 24 hours, I am sure the rewards will certainly be worth it! And afterall, single-player mode isn’t that bad, right? :-)