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How Good is the Archos Jukebox


Archos Jukebox

Archos Jukebox

By Anne Ahira

The Archos Jukebox is an audio video player competing in the same arena as the more famous IPod.

This device has several more features than some of the IPod devices on the market, however it is not quite as well known. The question remains is this a good mp3, audio and video player.

Archos Jukebox Gemini 400

This little multimedia player came to market around 2004 and has proven to have some staying power.


Many customers who did not want to follow the trend of IPod, decided on this unit instead. Most were pleasantly surprised by the advanced features of this unit.


  • MP3/WMA/WAV music playback
  • MP4 Video Playback (Divx and Xvid)
  • Games
  • Photo Viewer
  • CF Card Reader
  • AV out for viewing on a TV
  • Audio in for recording
  • Mic for recording
  • Color screen
  • Portable Hard Drive
  • 2.2 inch LCD screen


This device can play back a multitude of media formats! Mp3, WMA, WAV, Mp4 and several movie formats. This is probably one of the most versatile players when it comes to variety of media.

Add to that the ability to connect to your television or projector in order to display movies and videos full screen and you have the total package for entertainment.

While many mp3 players are still only a few GB in size the Archos Jukebox offers a whopping 20 GB hard drive. That is enough space to store or record 300 hours of audio, if you are wondering just what that means it will equal around 5,000 songs!

The screen on the Archos Jukebox is not quite as large as some portable media players, however at 2.2 inches of LCD screen you can be sure it is close to top of the line. This is no small feat considering this device came out over five years ago!

User interface is also an important part of any technological device. For some the operating system was a bit strange but if you are familiar with the Windows 3.1 system you will have no trouble navigating this machine, and connecting it to your PC is as simple as plugging in the USB cord!


Is the Archos Jukebox a suitable rival for the wildly popular IPod? The answer seems to be a resounding yes!

However, the two units are somewhat different and dedicated Apple fans may disagree the Archos offers what every media fan wants, the ability to take music, photos, and video on the go. 

If you want to stay away from trends but still enjoy your media on the fly the Archos Jukebox is still a great product.

Selecting An MP3 Player FM Tuner


mp3 player fm

mp3 player fm

By Anne Ahira

Having all of your favorite music stored on your MP3 player is a great way to enjoy music, but there are times when you want to listen to the latest music on the radio. 

That is why an MP3 player FM tuner is the one feature that you should look for on your media player.

Most of the latest MP3 players have the added feature of an FM tuner and some of them will do much more than just let you listen to the radio.

There are some devices on the market that will also allow you to record from the radio and others will let you tag the music that you hear so that you can purchase it later.

The MP3 player FM tuner will keep you up to date on the latest music and news. If you listen to only your downloaded music, you will never get a chance to listen to anything new. 

While MP3 players are the most common way to listen to music, the radio is still a necessary feature.

It’s important that you choose an MP3 player FM tuner that is high enough quality to pick up the weaker stations in your area. Many of the players on the market are not high enough quality to pick up radio stations that are at a distance while listening to the device. 

Even though the player is primarily for your MP3 music, having the additional feature of an FM tuner should be high on your list of quality checks.

An MP3 player FM tuner that will allow you to tag the songs that you hear on the radio will eliminate all that fruitless searching when you don’t know the name of a song or even the artist. 

There will be times when you hear a song on the radio that you like and the chance to grab it later on your subscription music service online is a great way to pick up all the latest music.

The higher end MP3 player FM tuner that you choose can be a relatively inexpensive item as most of the players today have the feature regardless of the cost. 

They are a major feature that is included because of the convenience of having access to live radio on your player.

There are many things that you will be looking for in your player such as memory size, wifi capabilities, expandable memory slot, video playback and many other features. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an MP3 player FM tuner in addition to these great features.

Shop around before you choose your player. Your MP3 player FM tuner can do much more than just let you listen to the radio. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.