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Why Surround Sound Speakers Make the Difference


Surround Sound Speakers

Surround Sound Speakers

By Anne Ahira

Stereo sound can be considered quality sound because it makes the most out of the 2 speakers that you have without relying on virtual effects.

Watching regular TV should be enough to accept the sound quality especially if your speakers are a good brand, but there are other people that set up larger home theaters with more sophisticated speaker setups consisting of 5 or more speakers.

At a glance, adding surround sound speakers may look like a minor upgrade to a stereo setup that sounds exceptional, but they can clearly make the difference if you look at these aspects.

The Different Surround Sound Formats

All of those logos that you see on the latest Blu-ray players and A/V receivers are surround sound formats like Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II X, Dolby Surround Sound, and other technologies.

These are similar surround sound processing technologies that are used in cinemas for a better and livelier experience. The different formats available cater to different surround sound speakers for great flexibility in making sure that the setup is optimized for the best sound quality.

Subwoofer Advantage

One of the major components of a surround sound speaker system is the subwoofer. The low frequencies that the subwoofer produces makes the bass much deeper which really shows when watching action packed movies or listening to upbeat tunes.

No matter where the subwoofer is in the room, a noticeable difference can be heard thanks to this one piece of equipment.

Room Coverage

The most basic layout of surround sound is the four speakers, one center speaker, and the subwoofer to form the 5.1 surround sound speakers setup. Usually, the speakers are laid out in such a way that listeners and movie watchers in the room hear live sound coming from every direction hence the term surround. Stereo speakers only go a single direction.

All that is needed is a good arrangement of these surround sound speakers as well as good calibration so each of the speakers have a proper setting that is relative to the listener’s position. Home theaters that come with the surround sound speakers are ideal because they come with auto-calibration microphones to make setting up very easy.

Better Movie Experience

All of the latest high definition movies support 5.1 speaker setups to give a much better sounding experience than mere stereo sound.

Some movies make good use of the front and back speakers where sounds in the foreground come out from the front speakers while background noises come out from the back speakers. Turning up the volume really simulates the movie theater environment.

Surround sound speakers may only show small differences if the source doesn’t know how to use them and low volumes may sound similar to stereo settings, but people that want to experience the best movies in the best audio quality possible will enjoy the benefits of surround sound speakers.

These speakers have more setup possibilities and different formats to use to make movie and video gaming experiences a lot better.

Wall Speakers


Wall Speaker

Wall Speaker

By Anne Ahira

Having a loud and clear-sounding set of speakers is the dream of many entertainment junkies worldwide.

Whether it’s a small system for the office or a home theater setup, wall speakers are there to provide a genuine experience with sound.

Depending on the setup, two speakers and a subwoofer should provide enough booming sound for any form of entertainment.

If movies and video games are the favorites, a surround sound setup will be perfect to capture the action on screen. Otherwise, wall speakers are not that difficult to install and hook up to the rest of your home entertainment center.

If someone is on a budget and only wants a setup for music, putting in two wall speakers and a subwoofer is very simple. First, place the speakers evenly on each side.

The subwoofer can be behind the listener or elsewhere in the room. Then, all that’s needed is to connect the wires to the receiver. That’s it if they just want standard stereo sound.

Some music CDs support surround sound, but the person would need a receiver that’s built for it. Otherwise, the standard stereo will do just fine for music lovers.

If having the best is a person’s goal, they can’t go wrong with surround sound. These setups have more wall speakers (up to 8 plus a subwoofer) and require more fine tuning to sound the way someone wants them to.

In order to take full advantage of them, video games, movies, and SACDs are what need to be played in order to get the full effect of the wall speakers. They can also cost more (around $250) for all the equipment needed.

If they have the cash, this type of setup is a great buy for any home.

Keep this in mind: certain speakers may need a specific type of audio cables. Some have the bare wire that has to be clipped in place. Others will come with it or just use regular RCA cables to make setups easier. For a little extra cash, some wall speakers are wireless with either Bluetooth or a radio receiver built-in each one.

The only drawback to these is the strength of the signal and/or if anything is between the speakers and receiver. They also require more fine tuning to get the right sound out of the system overall, whether the wall speakers are wireless or not.

Whatever entertainment that’s available, wall speakers will breathe new life into it with flying colors. Once the buyer has everything they need, setup should be pretty easy. People shouldn’t have to spend more than $100 for two speakers and a subwoofer, unless they want surround sound. Otherwise, they’ll have to spend at least $250.

Wall speakers can be found on Amazon and other stores. There are also plenty of choices to pick from and at various prices, so finding what a person wants should be a breeze. Wall speakers also have limited warranties if they don’t work after a few months.