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42 LCD TV – Too Large or Perfect for HDTV?




By Anne Ahira

A 42 LCD TV is a great choice for a larger room and provides some really nice options for different types of input.

The catch to this size of TV is to match the viewing experience and screen size to the budget. The 42 LCD TV will cost more than a smaller sized screen but it can certainly deliver more if chosen right.

A large screen with HDTV capabilities is the dream of many a HDTV fan. The 42 LCD TV can deliver that experience and may well not break the budget.

The LG 42LH30 42″ 1080p HDTV has a lot of the features that people shop for in a 42 LCD TV. It comes with a swiveling stand and a very thin profile. It has full HD resolution 1920 x 1080p resolution and an invisible speaker system.

The sound is provided by Dolby Digital and therefore is a little better quality than most built in speakers. It comes in a black gloss finish which adds to its looks and 3 HDMI ports a pc input and 2 AV. The screen has great colors and adjustability with different video modes for different uses. The look is nice and sleek overall. The price is reasonable for a 42 LCD TV.

For a little something different in a 42 LCD TV, LG has the LG 42LH50 42″ 1080p 120Hz Broadband TV available. The purpose of this TV is not only to deliver and excellent HDTV experience with 1080p resolution but with NETCAST you can access streaming broadcasts from Youtube or Netflix.

This 42 LCD TV has invisible Dolby Digital speakers as well to provide a better sound quality than usual with built in speakers. It has automatic lighting adjustment for rooms where the lighting is subject to change, a picture wizard to help find the perfect color balance and on screen sound adjustment so the speakers perform as intended.

The AV modes allow the viewer to watch sports without the hesitation and shuddering or blurring that is common with other TVs, a game mode with faster reaction times, and a cinema mode for the best experience when watching HDTV programs or DVDs. All this comes with a price tag but many shoppers find it the right choice for them and the newest wave in home entertainment.

Hitachi has a nice solid reputation for decent TVs and their recent 42 LCD TV, the Hitachi L42A403 Alpha Series 1080p is helping them continue it. The cost is moderate the resolution is true 1080p.

It has multiple input slots for PC S video HDTV and composite. The picture is brilliant and adjustable. This 42 LCD TV won’t break the budget and will be good for most uses.

Those are only a few of the available brands and options when it comes to a HDTV 42 LCD TV. However, the question remains, which one is right for you? Perhaps checking a few details first, can make the choice much easier.


42 inches is a nice sized TV but it does require a reasonable amount of dedicated space. Make sure your entertainment area will support a TV of this size and it won’t be sticking out into the room ruining the flow of the room or posing a hazard or worse, won’t fit. Measure first, then choose.

How do you plan to use the 42 LCD TV? You want to make sure the refresh rate is suitable, the inputs are available for pc or for cable input or even blue ray. If you can’t put it to the purpose you intended or it lacks input ports for audio or pc then you may not be pleased with it.

How good is the color and the resolution on the 42 LCD TV you plan to purchase? This is the research part where you balance your budget against your desire for picture quality and resolution.

A high end 42 LCD TV with all the bells and whistles may well cost more than you have budgeted. Sometimes though, it is worth it to go over budget and not have to replace your HDTV in a year or so because you are dissatisfied with the color or the refresh rate.

The Good Side

The good side of purchasing a 42 LCD TV with HDTV capability is that your viewing experience will undoubtedly be greatly enhanced since HDTV programming is becoming so very common. The flexibility in use and the better speaker systems that are being incorporated into these HDTVs certainly are a plus.

The Negative Side

On the negative side the price on a 42 LCD TV is more than the standard CRT 19 inch that many have been living with for years. Before purchasing a 42 LCD TV you need to ascertain your needs and desires or you may make a very costly error. 

This size LCD TV and on up requires a certain amount of space and unless the 42 LCD TV is very lightweight mounting options will be limited. Those are the few negatives.


Overall, size is important for HDTV if the room size is large and seating is much further from the entertainment area. 42 LCD TV delivers what many consider the very minimum in large screen viewing and still it can be difficult to position properly. 

Check into how difficult the 42 LCD TV will be to install some of them take nothing to get going and others may require some technical savvy.

When making a purchase this large buying new is almost always the best option. The warranty will be longer than with a used unit (which may not have one at all). With a new 42 LCD TV there is always the potential to return the TV or get it replaced if there are issues or it doesn’t function properly.

Shopping around is a good idea and checking all the brands against each other for the qualities you value in a 42 LCD TV. It is not impossible to find these large screen HDTVs on sale and save quite a bit. Make sure of your requirements before purchasing your 42 LCD TV and down the road your only regret might be that you did not get 2 of them.

What you need to Make the Most out of your Cable TV Service


Cable TV Service

By Anne Ahira

Many homes around the world have access to dozens of channels thanks to their subscribed cable TV service.

While these cable TV services strive to bring quality content to their customers, the full benefits of having cable TV cannot be fully utilized if only basic equipment is set up and cable TV services unfortunately do not provide these pieces of equipment, but there are lots of items being offered in that can greatly improve the experience with the cable TV service.


Here are some of the items that are worth getting along with some tricks to maximize whatever is purchased.

A Nice High-definition TV

Many cable companies offer some of the most popular channels in full high definition. Any standard TV cannot take advantage of the better image quality and extra HD widescreen content that some programs offer.

Only a good TV with the full 1080p specification ensures that cable TV service programs are broadcasted with the best quality possible. Many of the latest TVs coming from popular brands like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc. have improved speakers for better sound quality.

A Good Pair of Speakers

Every cable TV service offers a few movie channels where good movies are shown and some of these movies can be packed with a lot of action and suspense hinting the need for a better pair of speakers to make the experience livelier. It is often best to get the same brand of speakers as the TV for convenient setup.

A Properly Configured TV Setup

Many of the latest HDTVs are driven with a very friendly user interface that allows channels not only to be programmed, but also labeled for easy reference. After getting the new HDTV, it is best to label all of the available channels using any TV guide provided by your cable TV service as reference.

The various picture settings should also be adjusted as it may improve the quality for some channels. Also explore any preset modes to improve the experience of some themed channels like sports or movies.

A Decent Digital Video Recorder

A digital video recorder is an optional component that lets people record their favorite TV segments. TiVo offers a good lineup of these digital video recorders including mid-range to higher-end models capable of recording HD segments. If the digital video recorder will be used often, get devices that have larger disk capacities for more hours to be recorded.

Some digital video recorders alike the TiVo TCD658000 HD XL are THX Certified for excellent video and sound when the content is played back. This particular model also has the unique feature to record two shows simultaneously.

All of the popular channels offered by a local cable TV service are finding new ways to bring the freshest content to subscribers and only those that are already properly set up with the latest TV and DVR devices get the full advantage making the monthly subscriptions more than worth the cost.