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Top Five Cable Providers


Cable Providers

By Anne Ahira

Keeping in touch with the world is important to human psychology because it assures us that there are other people in the world.

Keeping in touch usually means turning on a television set. This, however, would not be possible without the invention of cable television.

At one time there was only one cable television provider, but now, there are several. Some cable providers are more reliable than others, though, which can cause some issues with service.

However, there are five cable providers that are on top of all the others. These cable providers offer premium services, as well as special bundle offers that other providers are unable to provide.

The largest cable provider in North America is the Comcast Corporation. This company provides cable television, as well as telephone service and broadband internet to millions of residential and business customers nationwide.

Founded in 1963 in Mississippi, Comcast quickly rose to popularity in telecommunications and are now the most popular of the cable providers in the country. The company now offers a bundle package known as the triple, keeping new customers, as well as valued customers, in the loop with a combination of premium digital cable television, High-Speed internet, and Digital voice services

Time Warner Cable is the second largest cable provider in the country. The company was formed in 1989 through a merger of telecommunications companies, Warner Cable and Time Inc.’s cable company, the American Television an Communications Corporation.

Since then, Warner Cable sold its shares in a “spin-out” to the company‚Äôs share holders, and has also made important deals dividing viewing areas with competitor, Comcast, after dividing cable company Adelphia with Comcast in July of 2006. This drove its viewing areas up to twenty-seven states and the number of operating systems up to thirty-one.

Cox Communications is one of many cable providers that are privately owned, however, it is the third most popular cable provider in the United States and serves over five million customers. The company offers digital cable, as well as digital telephone services and cable internet connections.

This cable provider is a subsidiary of the Cox Enterprises Corporation and was established in 1964. This company is another digital cable provider that offers a bundle package deal for its cable, telephone, and internet services.

The fourth largest cable provider is Charter Communications and is another of the American cable providers that offers the combination of cable television, high-speed cable internet, and telephone services. Their customer base serves over five million customers across twenty-nine states.

The fifth largest cable provider in the United States is Cablevision Systems Corporation and also offers high-speed internet, as well as digital cable and Voice over IP telephone service. Cablevision is based in New York and primarily serves the New York area.

Cable providers like Comcast and Cox Communications offer different forms of cable services, as well as internet connection and telephone services. Other cable providers like Time Warner Cable only offer cable television services. The quality of service from these cable providers is consider excellent and is praised often.

Finding Electrical Cable


Electrical Cable

By Anne Ahira

Electrical cable is a primary source for any electrical device. However, there are many different types of electrical cable, depending on the need for the cable.


Most often, electrical cable is used for running electricity through a home, or office, however, some electrical cable is used for smaller purposes. The basics are the same, though.

The basic design of the manufacturing of the electrical cable does not change very much. The first step to getting the correct kind of electrical cable is to know what you need the cable for.

Electrical cable is basically a bundle of copper wire that is insulated and shielded to reduce the interference from other copper wires and then jacketed to ensure that the elements cannot do harm to the cable, as well as the electrical current that is running through it cannot harm a person.

In the manufacturing of electrical cable, the needs for these cables are taken into consideration. Different designs and models of electrical cable exist because certain functions of the electrical cable require special designs.

Most electrical cable is sold in a standardized sizing, called AWG, or gauges. The higher the number of the gauge, the smaller the cable is in diameter. As such, the lower the number of the gauge, the cable becomes larger in diameter.

For instance, the typical size of electrical cable used is twelve gauges, or 12 AWG. This cable is approximately two millimeters in diameter. The bundles of wire inside the electrical cable are between 24 AWG and 36 AWG, which is less than 1 millimeter in diameter. However, not all electrical cable is round.

Some electrical cables are flat. Ribbon electrical cable for computers is very thin and is comprised of many different sections of shielded copper wire connected to “jumpers” that can connect to the ports inside the computer.

Most electrical cable, however, is round. Electrical cables that are for extension cords, as well as power cables for computers, computer equipment, such as key boards, and even the electrical cable that connects the monitor to the computer, are round cables.

However, the manufacturing needs of these cables are different from one another. Electrical cables that provide electrical power to devices utilize more copper wires, called copper pairs, then electrical cables that are for transmitting information.

The cable that connects the key board to the computer uses a specific number of copper pairs to pass the information of the key strokes to the computer, while the monitor cable uses more copper pairs then the key board and the power cable because that electrical cable is transferring information that will be translated into images on the monitor.

This takes more electrical current in a specific order of connection to do, so a more specialized electrical cable is needed.

Knowing what you need the electrical cable for can determine the size and style of cable that you need. For computers, monitors, key boards, or any other electronics, you will need very specialized electrical cable for each element.

However, for basic electric wiring, like for a home or an office, the basic electrical cable can be used. You can find most electrical cable at hardware stores, as well as some electronics retailers, but also online at internet markets like Amazon.