Cheap Wireless Router


Cheap Wireless Router

Cheap Wireless Router

By Anne Ahira

Computers are now a way of life, in fact you will be hard pressed not to find at least one in every home in America.

Actually, you will likely find two or more in most homes, they are in the family room, bedroom, home office and even the kid’s rooms.

With all these computers in a home you can bet internet sharing is used or being seriously considered, the problem is how do you connect all these computers to a single internet source without your house looking like a major utility provider with wires going every direction? A cheap wireless router would be the best bet for the average home internet usage.

Cheap wireless routers can be found at local retailers and online. The next question is which is the best for the money? To answer that question you will want to check some product reviews for cheap wireless routers, like the one we will examine here.

Linksys WRT54G2- Features

  • All in one internet sharing router
  • Four port switch
  • Wireless G 802.11 access point
  • Shares internet access with Ethernet or wireless G and B devices
  • Push button set up
  • Wi-Fi protected access – high security


First off, this is actually a three in one device; it is a wireless access point for super high-speed internet, wireless G and the somewhat slower wireless B.

This cheap wireless router also has a four port full duplex 10/100 switch that allows you to connect all your Ethernet devices. This means you can tie at least four pc’s together or add more hubs and switches to create an even larger network.

The last function of this cheap wireless router is internet connection sharing. That is a lot of work for one small cheap wireless router!

A piece of equipment can be perfect and do everything but water the dog, but if it is a pain to set up customers will quickly look for other alternatives.

This cheap wireless router delivers in the set up department as well, four simple steps and on screen pictures to guide you. Even the most technically challenged customers have reported few if any problems.

Since we are looking at cheap wireless routers, it would be remiss to leave out the pricing on this model.

Currently the unit sells new for $49 on Amazon with used or refurbished units as cheap as $25. Compared to the $80 plus the competition is charging that is a steal.


A few customers have had issues with the DHCP server function of this cheap wireless router. Seems that if you leave PC and device on for too long it may lose the IP address resulting in having to reboot the device and computer.

Bottom Line

If you do not have a bundle of extra cash to spend on a wireless router, the Linksys WRT54G2 could be a good choice. This solid brand has been around the networking block a time or two.

If you plan to stream a lot of video between units such as HD movies from your computer to your television this will not be a good choice, you will need a wireless N router.

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