Coby DVD Player


Coby DVD Player

Coby DVD Player

By Anne Ahira

With all the portable mp3 players and personal media players available, you might think the DVD player was becoming extinct.

Not yet, people still love their DVD collections and the ease of use that a portable player can bring.

No problems with downloading and then converting files, you simply pop the DVD in the player and you are in business.

One popular brand is the Coby DVD player; they have both portable and traditional players and are generally the cheapest option out there.


Since vacation and family trip, time is almost here let’s look at the latest portable Coby DVD player.


  • Swivel screen turns 180 degrees and locks back in tablet form
  • Plays digital files directly from USB drive or SD card
  • Dual head phone jacks
  • Will play DVD, DVD R, CD, CD rw, JPEG, MP3 and DIVX
  • 7 inch screen


The Coby DVD player is a portable movie player with much more. One new function that you will not find on many portable DVD players is the SD slot and USB port. Now not only can you take your favorite movies camping you can also take digital music, photos and videos.

The small compact design of the Coby DVD player makes it perfect for outings and long trips. The kids will never be bored again on those long summer drives to visit relatives and friends.

Dual headphone jacks is a definite plus, ever try to share headphones with someone? Not the most pleasant experience in the world and now you do not have to worry about it.

When it comes to audio on these small portable devices, you are usually stuck with poor sound unless you use ear buds, not so with this Coby DVD player. Sound is great and transfers well to your television should you choose to use it as a standard DVD player.


The first thing you will notice about the Coby DVD player is the construction. The unit is made entirely of plastic and not brushed metal as the picture alludes. This gives the player a cheap feel even though it holds up well under use.

Chunk the remote control as soon as you get it. It is practically useless, as you have to be close to the Coby DVD player and aim it just so.

If you are interested in using it as a music player on your trip or even at home, you will no doubt find the inability to shuffle the music annoying. This is not an mp3 player however and for the price, the lack of this function can be forgiven.


If you are looking for a good DVD player for the road or just because this is an inexpensive model with plenty of features. You can purchase this unit for under $100 on Amazon and similar sites.

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