Covert Spy Recording System: Smart or Paranoid?

Covert Recording System

Covert Recording System

By Anne Ahira

Technology has moved at a break neck speed for the last few years. Now you can actually purchase cameras that are no bigger than an ink pen or covertly hidden in common household objects.

The question is has the world become smarter about safety or is everyone simply paranoid?

Blockbuster movies are full of fun gadgets like these covert recording systems but has the world really gotten so bad that people are in need of this type of product.

Apparently, people truly think so as purchases for this type of equipment are up 25%. Schools and workplaces are getting in on the video recording wave as well with cameras present both covert and obvious.

Do You Need a Spy Cam?

You may be wondering if you would have any use for a spy cam, especially if you live in a safe neighborhood or small town where everybody knows everyone else. The answer is while you may not need one, you could benefit from one anyway. The following are just a few instances where a spy cam could come in handy.


Do you have a dog? Many people around the world have dogs in their backyards, and many people are fighting a losing battle keeping their dog in this yard. If you have a little escape artist and you have patched all the potential holes in the fence it can be a nightmare to figure out just where his escape route is. Good time to put in a camera?

You may not especially need a hidden camera since your dog will not know what it is anyway; however, there is no reason to advertise the fact either. When you go to the back yard your dog, will likely come and play at your feet determined to not show you his escape route, however with the camera in place you can sit back in the living room and monitor his actions.


Are you planning a family vacation? Many people hire someone to house sit while they are away, however who is watching the sitter? You have worked long and hard to acquire the possessions you have and it would be a shame if they walked out the door while you were away relaxing.

Even if your sitter is the most trustworthy person in the world they can still make a mistake, forget to lock a door have a friend over that is less trustworthy. When you have your home covered with a covert recording system, you will at least have a chance at retrieving your stolen property.

Baby Sitters

The number one reason most people will purchase a camera like this is to keep close tabs on the people they hire to watch their children. Horror stories abound of things that go wrong when someone outside the family is caring for your children and this is simply a case of you can never be too careful. The technology is available that will allow you to know exactly how your children are treated when you are out of the picture, why not use it?

Neighbor Issues

The only thing that can get more heated than a family fight is a fight with the neighbors. Many times disagreements will begin over nothing and escalate quickly. This is a time when you might want to have a spy camera out in the open to discourage bad acts against you or your property! It is also a good idea to have at least one covert camera as well though to cover your bases should the one become damaged.


This is probably a time when you need to speak to a professional, however if you honestly feel like something is going on with your spouse when you are away and you simply need proof a hidden camera could tell the tale. It is advisable to have a close friend or even an attorney view the footage with you just to prevent you from doing something rash.


There are many reasons you might want to install a covert security system in your home. Bad neighbors, unruly pets, vacations and baby sitters are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are sensible about it and do not follow your cameras up with elaborate booby traps like a bad movie remake, then it is not paranoid to want to protect the ones you care about.

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