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Custom USB

Custom USB

By Anne Ahira

For those of you who have been technologically asleep for the past few years, a custom USB flash drive is the latest in data storage technology.

These drives include a flash memory storage device with a USB interface, which means that they can be connected to all modern computers.

Basically, these devices are just like the old floppy disks, only they are much smaller, more powerful, and hold more data. The average custom USB flash drive weighs only about an ounce and is approximately an inch and a half long and a quarter of an inch wide.

The storage capacity of these devices has, not surprisingly, dramatically increased over the past few years. The largest custom USB flash drive can hold up to 256 GB of memory at a low price.

In fact, that is the most appealing thing about a custom USB flash drive, that it is extremely inexpensive. It also helps that they are highly portable and can literally fit on a key chain.

Another great thing about these flash drives is that they are extraordinarily durable and that many of them guarantee a ten-year retention cycle. That means that they can be used for a decade before a user has to even consider replacing them.

Why are they needed? Well, a custom USB flash drive is used almost exactly like the floppy disk in the past. Except that they inserted or connected to a USB port, instead of into the disk drive.

As we mentioned, they are also much smaller and have hundreds, even thousands of times more capacity. And as technology has improved and competition has increased the prices of these devices has fallen.

In fact, the average custom USB flash drive only costs around ten to twenty dollars. That is extremely inexpensive for a device that can handle all of your data storage needs.

A USB flash drive is also far more durable and reliable than a floppy disk for a number of reasons. To begin with, they are tougher.

That is because most flash drives are encased in a hard plastic covering, unlike floppy disks which were, well, floppy. The truth is that all floppy disks were flimsy and they could easily be damaged if they were dropped or stepped on.

Floppy disks were also far more fragile than a custom USB flash drive because they had moving parts. And these parts were often easily damaged, which prevented a user from accessing their data via floppy disk.

In the end, there is really no comparison between a custom USB flash drive and a floppy disk. That is why just about every computer maker abandoned floppy disk drives and instead outfitted their new computers with USB ports.

Until approximately 2005, most desktop and laptop computers featured floppy disk drives, but most recent equipment has eschewed them in favor of USB ports. And why not? A custom USB flash drive is superior to a floppy disk in almost every way: it holds more information is more durable, and it is comparatively cheap.

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