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Digital Mp3 Players

Digital MP3 Players

By Anne Ahira

Searching through digital mp3 players can be a daunting task. There are several brands on the market and each brand has several varieties.

Which of the many digital mp3 players is right for you? The answer is it depends; your lifestyle and what you plan on doing with it are all important factors.

For portable devices that you will be taking with you everywhere the mall, jogging, and work or school you will want to stick to a variety that has flash memory. This means there is no internal hard drive.

On the other hand, if you plan to use digital mp3 players to watch feature films or simply need the 20 to 160 gigabyte storage capacity then the hard drive digital mp3 players are for you. Here we will look at some of the possibilities that you have with this type of device.

Professional Use

Many digital mp3 players come with the ability to store photographs; however, for the professional photographer more storage will be required. Digital mp3 players with a hard drive can fill this bill extremely well. They are smaller than a laptop and can easily store over a thousand photographs, excellent for the person who is far from home.

Recently there has been the addition of the pocket DJ to the digital mp3 player’s family. This hard drive based digital mp3 player allows anyone to mix music on the go. You can create new sounds to play for your next gig and with 120-gigabyte hard drive; you will not run out of space soon.


While digital mp3 players with a hard drive are excellent tools for professional and casual user alike there is a bit of a downside. Since these do come with an internal hard drive this means there are moving parts within it. Just like your computer’s hard drive the data is read from a moving disc.

This means you will have to be more careful with these types of digital mp3 players. Any damage to the disc and the player will cease to function correctly. That is why these are not good for the jogger who wants to take some tunes on their morning run. All the jostling around can damage the inner mechanisms of these digital mp3 players.


Choosing between digital mp3 players can be overwhelming, however with the tips contained above you should do just fine. The simple rule is if you will be moving it around a lot go with flash memory! :-)

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