Digital SLR Buying Guide – What Is a Digital SLR Camera


Digital SLR Buying Guide

Digital SLR Buying Guide

By Anne Ahira

A digital SLR camera stands for a digital single lens reflex camera. At one time, the only people who used these cameras were professional photographers because of the price, the fact the average photographer had no use for such a complex, and capable camera, a simple digital camera is a whole lot cheaper, smaller, and easier to learn to use. 

With the prices on Digital SLR, cameras dropping these beautiful and almost professional quality cameras have become a lot more affordable. However, the question remains, which one is best? Perhaps the better question is which digital SLR camera is best for you?

A digital SLR differs from a standard digital camera not only in price but also in some other key features that will help you decide which one works for you. A digital SLR camera has changeable lenses one lens does not suit all purposes in high quality photography.

A digital SLR camera features a viewfinder that shows you almost exactly, what your picture will include. This is not so with the regular viewfinders. In professional or high quality photography, this makes a big difference in the quality of the finished picture.

There is little or no lag time in the viewfinder display, which is particularly important if you are trying to capture a single moment or a single shot.

If you are a person who only takes photographs on occasion, does not care to learn technical jargon and really is not interested in changing lenses or how much of a shot the viewfinder displays the rather expensive digital SLR camera is probably not going to be of much use to you. On the other hand, if you want to make the most of your photography and want the best results possible then consider buying a Digital SLR.

Digital SLR Buying Guide – Which One?

Your choice in Digital SLR should be guided by what you choose to photograph. Some types are better than others in certain conditions and the money can be well spent if the correct features are emphasized on the Digital SLR camera you choose.

For instance if your subject is moving you will want to favor a Digital SLR camera with a fast point multi focus and a high continuous speed.

If prefer studio photography then image stabilization and color controls should be high priorities.

If you take photos, on the fly then image, stabilization is a prime factor for you and perhaps a fast point multi focus if your subject is moving such as wildlife photos, a smaller size is optional but preferable if you are walking around with the camera for longer distances or travelling with it.

Night photography requires not only the right lens but also the SLR camera should have a low noise at high ISO settings and image stabilization.

Megapixels are a little confusing but consider the more megapixels the larger the file size, if you are printing your photographs in a small size then you may not even see the difference since there are only so many megapixels you can pack into one square inch. On the other hand, if your photographs are going to be larger than the difference in quality between a higher megapixel Digital SLR camera will result in a higher quality print.

If you are a serious photographer or a professional or amateur you still want to pick the right camera for your style and the features are what make one Digital SLR camera preferable for one person and very unsuitable for another person’s style and shooting conditions.

Digital SLR Camera Buying Guide Closing the Deal

When buying a Digital SLR camera budget may play a large part in your choice of camera however, it should not override the necessary features for your type of photography either. If you choose based solely on price and not on your style then you may end up with a very expensive camera that does not perform as you expected.

Consider the size of the digital SLR camera if you are traveling with it. When shopping for a digital SLR camera at a retail store do not be afraid to ask opinions of the sales person if they are knowledgeable. If you are shopping for a digital SLR camera, online then read the reviews on the particular model you are considering.

Other customer’s may not have put the camera to the same use as you plan but their experiences may help you decide if you are making the right buying choice or if you need to shop around for another type.

The ability of a digital SLR camera to capture a photograph exactly as you want does not depend on the camera alone though that is a large part of it, remember you will need an appropriate lens for the conditions and distance you prefer to shoot at. So add this in to the cost of the camera. The ability to change lenses is a big plus to a Digital SLR camera but it is also a feature that adds to the total price of the camera.

Do not be afraid to compare brands and change your mind. You are the one that will ultimately be using this camera and you may find yourself wavering between two brands with different features. Just because you are used to, the style or button configuration of one brand does not mean the new one you are considering will be just as good or even better.

When buying a digital SLR camera online find out what the shipping options are. What happens if it arrives damaged? Can you track your purchase during shipping?

Some online merchants offer used models and you should balance the condition of the camera against the savings by buying used as well as the express or implied guarantee. Before investing in a used SLR camera consider the savings against the possible lack of warranty and problems you may encounter. It might be worth the risk and you may find it simply is not a good choice in your case.

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