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DSL Wireless Router

By Anne Ahira

A router is a device that allows you to connect your internet connection to one or more computers.

The internet connection is connected to the router and then other computers receive the internet signal from the device either through cables or over the air.

The latter is most commonly used with high-speed internet and requires a DSL wireless router.

With a DSL wireless router, you can have internet throughout you entire house and even the yard.


Since the average home has several computers plus other internet capable, devices many people are choosing to set up their own home networks with these routers.

Belkin Wireless G Router

The Belkin is a popular example of this kind of DSL wireless router. These units are well priced at less than $40 on sites such as Amazon and have the features you want in your wireless router.

It is affordable and offers wireless capability as well as the option to connect through Ethernet ports.


  • Creates a network without cables
  • Offers backward-compatibility with all 802.11b devices
  • Sets up easily with Belkin Easy Install Wizard
  • Automatically detects Internet settings
  • Self-adjusts Router for fast internet connections
  • Ensures data and network security via wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Macintosh and PC compatible
  • $34.99 Amazon price


Network your computers, hard drives, servers, printers and anything else you can think of with this simple to use DSL wireless router.

Use the wireless access for your home computers and lap top while connecting your printer and other non-wireless components through the Ethernet connection. Finally, everyone in the house can surf the internet at the same time.

The main reason people are choosing a DSL wireless router such as this is, well, because it is wireless!

When you have a computer on the second floor, first floor and a laptop that goes anywhere it can be a bit difficult to provide internet to all of the above without wires strung all over the house. Now with a router and a wireless card for your computer you can have your own network.


There has been some debate over the usefulness of this particular router. Some customers have been very happy with the unit while others had bad luck with the unit. One common problem with this DSL wireless router is intermittent and no connectivity.

This could be due in part to the default settings of the router. The unit ships with protected mode and turbo mode in the on or auto position and in many cases this will interfere with the function of the router.


This DSL wireless router is bargain priced, but still offers plenty in the way of reliability, connectivity and simplicity of use.

There are more expensive and more complex models available but if you want an easy way to connect, several devices to the internet at one time without wires snaking all over the house this router could be the answer.

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