Duplex Laser Printer


Duplex Laser Printer

Duplex Laser Printer

By Anne Ahira

No this is not a place where two lasers live side by side! A duplex laser printer is a printer that can print automatically on two sides of the paper. This is a great feature as it saves time and trees.

Since it is a laser printer you will also save a great deal of money on ink, laser printers use toner instead and on a per page basis it is much cheaper. You can figure on spending about 1-3 cents per sheet with a toner-based printer.

A quite popular duplex laser printer is the Brother HL5250. It sells on Amazon and other online sites for around $160. Of course, that is the price for a refurbished duplex laser printer, not a brand new one.


  • Print speeds up to 30 ppm
  • Print resolutions 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • 250-sheet paper tray
  • 50-sheet multi-purpose tray
  • Built-in 266 MHz NEC VR5500 processor
  • 32MB of memory (expandable)
  • PCL6 and BR-Script3 (PostScript3) emulations


Many printers offer you the ability to print on both sides of the paper. However most of them you have to manually reinsert the paper and run it again. The Brother duplex laser printer does it automatically.

Even though this duplex laser printer is offered at a cheap price, Brother did not skimp on the toner. Many new printers will ship with a starter toner package, which runs out in a short amount of time; this one was shipped with the full cartridge.

Set up is simple; there is an included CD to take you through the whole process. If you are going to set this up on a network and you have never done so before you will want to read up on some of the new terminology you may come across.

Like networked shared printer, Brother peer-to-peer network, Ethernet cable and Bluetooth device. If you are not, sure what any of these are you will be scratching your head trying to go through set up.


All laser printers have the propensity for curling the edges of the paper, especially if you are running several prints at the same time. This is because of the way a duplex laser printer is constructed.

Without getting too technical, the printer utilizes a drum inside for printing and after several pages that drum will warm up causing slight curling.

There is little that can be done to prevent this and some printers are worse than others are, this duplex laser printer is about average.

Bottom Line

Buying refurbished can make people a little nervous. The thing you have to remember is a refurbished product is as good as the company backing it.

If you know for instance that a company does not back their regular product well, chances are better than good they will be even worse with a refurbished unit. Brother does not have a bad reputation with either type of product. Buy with confidence.

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