By Anne Ahira

A DVD VCR combo will probably be your perfect choice if you are not yet ready to give up a VCR, yet find that you have limited space within your entertainment system. Such units will even be able to transfer things such as your old home movies from their current VHS tapes to DVD.

Of course, you will need to understand the subject of available features, and then you can read reviews and ultimately compare prices on those devices that allow you to easily combine the best of the old with the new.


This will prove to be extremely helpful to have such a DVD VCR combo as this will enable you to enjoy all of your newly found home theater media with a versatile machine that will play your favorite DVDs1, JPEGs, VHS tapes, as well as listen to MP3s and CDs2 and all of this in one single machine. This functional as well as innovative technology will allow you to listen to advanced superb sound built-in with the Dolby® Digital output.

Most of the DVD VCR combo will offer outstanding recording quality, in particular when performed in LP mode. One of the big benefits of digital video you will discover is that no longer is there any image quality loss whether you use SP & LP modes as there was in VCR play.

While purchasing a component that features a built-in VCR may feel a bit more of the 20th century, keep in mind that there is still a supply that never ends of those VHS home movies that are still waiting to be digitized.

It is estimated that it will still take years for them to be all digitized. However, do not discount the LP mode, for that is the feature that will allow you to fit at least 4 hours of content onto a single-layer DVD.

You will also find that newer DVD VCR combos will have a number of distinctively 21st-century elements which include DVD-RAM support as well as HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output with upconversion. HDMI is the global standard in order to connect high-definition consumer electronics with PC products.

In tech-speak that stands for the uncompressed, but all-digital interface that will convey both dazzling quality with its matchless ease of use. This means that it will transmit digital video, advanced control data, and multi-channel surround sound all on a single cable. This brings the absolute convenience of the one-cable solution, in addition to the power and perfected performance of the high-speed digital links available.

With some DVD VCR combos you’ll also have the capability for onscreen scheduling. This means that it will be up to you inform it of the channel and time you will want recorded. Some of the units will have something called chasing playback. This means that you can actually watch programs from their start but while you are still recording the show.

Combos that have a DVD-RAM will allow you to record something on that DVD-RAM while you can be watching another formerly recorded program on that same DVD-RAM disc. With a DVD-RAM you can edit titles on the DVD-RAM if, for example, you want to get rid of the commercials!

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