The Best Ethernet Routers


Ethernet Routers

By Anne Ahira

If you are like many people today, you have more than one personal computer in your home.

So, unless you want to run cables all over your home you are limited to internet on one or maybe two computers.

If you have a laptop, game system or other device you would like to use online, you are pretty much out of luck without the use of Ethernet routers.



These devices are nothing new, they have been on the market for ten years or more but there have been some great strides in technology and if you are going to invest in a router, you might as well get the best one for the money.

Wireless Ethernet Routers

Anymore you are as likely to find an office as a dishwasher in today’s modern home is. What is more, most video game systems also offer internet options; there is a demand for internet all over the house.

A wireless router is the best option for this common problem, but what if you do not want to purchase separate wireless cards for all your computers and devices. Choose an Ethernet router with wireless capabilities.


One of the most popular and highest rated Ethernet routers in this category is the D-Link DIR-655. Editors at CNET as well as customers agree that this is in the top five when it comes to home computer networking.


  • Intelligent QoS technology
  • Enhanced gaming and phone calling (VoIP) experience
  • Gigabit Ports
  • Dual active firewall SPI & NAT
  • Wall Mountable
  • $99 Amazon


Networking is in and of itself usually a difficult and aggravating process. There are so many computer level gadgets being connected together that conflicts are common.

The D-Link Ethernet routers are a breeze to set up; in fact, you will probably spend more time opening the packaging! Set up is simple and straightforward.

The range on these Ethernet routers is very good. While CNET reports that, you can get better range from other routers they also note that you will pay a good deal more for the technology. Customers have reported this model to have excellent wireless range, even in a two story home.

Perhaps the redeeming feature for these reasonably priced Ethernet routers are their gigabit ports. Most Ethernet routers have traditionally been 10/100 Ethernet ports, with a gigabit and compatible cables you will notice speeds that are out of this world. Until now any router with this capability was ridicules in price.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for the best Ethernet routers on the market look no further than these D-Link models. They offer everything you could need speed, reliability, range and decent price. Connect all of your internet ready devices today and enjoy wireless all through the house.

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