Create Love of Science with Eye Clops Spy Gadget

Eye Clops Bionic

Eye Clops Bionic

By Anne Ahira

Science and mathematics are important educational fields but over the past few years, interest has waned. What if there was a way to spark your Childs interest in the world around them with a toy?

If you loved playing with a magnifying glass when you were a child think about how your kids will feel with their very own portable microscope that not only allows them to see the tiny particles of this world but capture an image of it as well.

Eye Clops BioniCam Video Microscope is just such a toy. Created for children ages 8 years old and up this creative toy allows them to experience the world in a completely new way.

They will spend countless time just examining the hairs on the arm and skin! What are more they can even take short video clips of the truly inspiring discoveries they find.

Eye Clops

This is a wildly popular toy with a price tag that will not break the bank. For less than $50, you can give the gift that will keep them entertained and better yet inquisitive. Imagine their joy at discovering some interest piece of fauna, the next thing you know you are on the computer looking up information for their “new” discovery.


  • Full color LCD screen
  • Multiple lenses
  • AA battery powered
  • Battery pack
  • Indoor and outdoor fun
  • 100x, 200x and 400x zoom
  • Digital pictures
  • Video.
  • Save and share
  • Built-in flash drive
  • Removable USB key included
  • Portable
  • $42 current Amazon price


In just a few minutes time you can be exploring the world around you. Everything from pet fur to furniture fabric is fair game. All you must do is pop in five AA batteries and do some adjusting on the magnifying lenses and you are all set to discover the unseen all around.

The use of AA batteries is quite handy for the average household, too many times electronic devices will utilize proprietary batteries and charging stations. With this toy, all you need is a handful of rechargeable batteries and you are good to go for hours of fun.

The LCD screen is a nice touch as well; all the magnified images will show up in full color on the screen. Below the screen are navigational buttons that allow you to record video, snap a picture, review previous images and discard any you no longer wish to keep.

Just a few short years ago, this might have been a little complex for most 8 year olds but in this day and age, they already know how to navigate a personal computer so this toy will be a snap.

Another surprising yet nice feature of the Eye Clops Bionic toy is the on board memory and removable USB key. Cameras, mp3 players and even cell phones all require you to purchase memory separately and it is refreshing to see it included with this device.

Not Professional Grade

While this toy is fun for the entire family, in fact you may have to purchase more than one, it must be stated that this is not professional grade equipment. There are reviews out there that are quick to point out the deficiencies of the Eye Clops. It is true of course; that there is room for improvement but for less than $50 this is definitely not a dud when it comes to fun.


There is one drawback that after some time could become frustrating; the Eye Clops has trouble with dark or opaque objects. It works much better with lighter objects even once you have the adjustments perfect. This can have its benefits, as it will force your child to think outside the box and develop ways of lighting a darker object.


Once in awhile there comes a toy that you can feel good about giving to your children and even enjoy yourself. The Eye Clops Bionic Cam is one of these toys. Instill a curiosity about the smaller world that exists all around us and you just might be surprised by the results. Children are naturally curious so why not give them a tool that feeds and fuels that curiosity.

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