Flash Memory MP3 Player


flash memory mp3 player

flash memory mp3 player

By Anne Ahira

So you have decided to bite the bullet and shop for an mp3 player? Now comes the confusing part what and where to buy and more importantly, what is the difference between a hard drive and flash memory mp3 player?

On the surface, it is really quite simple, hard drive players have a tiny drive inside similar in nature to what is in your home computer.

They have small moving parts and are not recommended for heavy activity like jogging or extreme exercise.



A flash memory mp3 player has no such internal parts. Instead, there memory is more like what you would find on a jump drive. They are not prone to damage from heavy use but the down side is they are limited in the amount of memory they offer.

2 GB Flash

A 2 GB flash memory mp3 player can hold anywhere from 500-1,000 songs depending on the player and the file format of the music. If a player is compatible with WMA, you can fit nearly twice as much as say mp3 format tracks.

Some of these small mp3 players will also come with image and video capability but do not expect much from it.

4 GB

  • 1,000 mp3 tracks
  • 12 hours of video
  • 2,000 photos
  • Some units come with a SD card slot for expanded memory

8 GB

  • 32 hours of video
  • 2,000 tracks of music
  • Hundreds of photos
  • Also come with expandable memory

16 GB

  • 24 hours of video
  • 2,000 music files
  • 4,000 images


All of the above features may vary slightly between models and brands, for instance some 16 GB flash memory mp3 players boast double the capacity listed above. The important thing to remember is to read the technical descriptions very well.

A flash memory mp3 player is the current favorite among many people. The reason is they are more reliable and less prone to damage than their hard drive based counterparts are. 

That does not mean there is no following for hard drive mp3 players; they just require use that is more careful.


The main problem with flash memory mp3 player is the lack of size. Currently the largest flash mp3 player is a 32 GB. There is rumor that companies are looking for ways to increase capacity but for now that is as good as it gets.

This is a problem mainly for people interested in the video capabilities of these players. If you want plenty of room for video, you will have to stick with the hard drive based variety.


It really depends on what your needs or wants are when it comes to choosing between flash memory mp3 players and hard drive memory. If you plan on taking it with you a lot and using it while you exercise stick with flash.

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