Garmin GPS Receiver


Garmin GPS Receiver

Garmin GPS Receiver

By Anne Ahira

A Garmin GPS receiver is really any of the companies GPS products. You have probably heard about the devices for the car, truck, boat and airplane but did you know Garmin made one you can wear? Yes sir, right on your wrist you can wear a Garmin GPS receiver!

No it is not meant for planning trips per se, but as a training device for runners, walkers and cyclist.

This Garmin GPS receiver for your wrist is a wonderful training aid; many who have used them say they cannot live without them now.


Features – Forerunner 305

Garmin has several different models of personal training aids. The Forerunner has been released in several generations, this is the 305 and it has many improvements over the previous models.

  • Watch like Garmin GPS receiver
  • Speed, distance and pace data
  • Training center software
  • Virtual Partner
  • 1.3 inch display


Getting motivated to workout can be difficult, that is why many people choose to have a running or cycling partner. A partner keeps you motivated and at times will challenge you to do more than your personal best.

The problem is people are busier today than ever before and it can be difficult to impossible to coordinate schedules, with this Garmin GPS receiver you will not have to. Your partner will be on your wrist!

The Forerunner 305 also comes with software that allows you to upload your routine results and analyze your progress. Track your heart rate, distance and speed on your computer, instantly seeing progress. This is yet another motivating feature of the Garmin GPS receiver.

Previous installations of Garmin GPS receivers have been clunky and not in the least bit attractive. Thankfully, Garmin has put forth even more effort in streamlining the device and giving it a sleeker appearance. It still is not a wristwatch, but rumor has it there may be one of those in the works very soon.


Some people are not fond of wearing the chest band that is necessary to monitor your heart rate. This is not necessarily a black eye for the device but more of a personal preference. If you do not think, you would like wearing the chest strap you should consider another model.

The price is really a matter of perspective. If you will throw the device in a drawer and only use it a few times per month then the $175 price tag may seem a bit steep, however if you use this training aid diligently it will pay for itself in results you will see from your workout.

Bottom Line

If you are seriously thinking about getting in shape or you are already an avid athlete these devices are necessary have. You can measure your heart rate and know you are not overdoing it, check calories burned, distance, and speed on the fly!

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