Choosing a Gitzo Tripod


Gitzo Tripod

Gitzo Tripod

By Anne Ahira

Tripods are a necessary piece of equipment if you want to get great photos or videos. They can be big and cumbersome to carry around, but the end result is so worth the effort.

A Gitzo tripod can help eliminate camera shake that ruins many a family photo, or the jerky motion of an amateur video. Nevertheless, what should you know about choosing the right Gitzo tripod?


A tripods main function is to steady your camera equipment, so the tripod itself must be sturdy. Check the stability of a tripod by applying significant pressure while the legs are fully extended. If it does not wobble or shake then it is made of good material and should stay put when you are using it.


There are two weight issues to consider with a Gitzo tripod, first is the actual weight of the device and second is how much weight it can support. Both are crucial factors to consider when purchasing one for the first time.

Weight of the tripod will vary greatly depending on the size and materials it is made of. Choosing the right weight for you depends on where you will use your equipment and how much weight you can bear for how long.

If you want to test the numbers before you buy grab some cheap weights and add them to a bag, then carry it around with you under the same circumstances you would be using the tripod.

Once you are finished, realize the length of the tripod when folded will compound the weight.

The other weight issue is much simpler to deduce, you can read the specifications of the Gitzo tripod you are considering and then compare that figure to the weight of the camera and lenses you want it to support.

Never use heavier cameras than your Gitzo tripod is rated to support, you could damage both pieces of equipment and as you know neither come cheap.


Lastly, how high does the tripod extend? You will want to be sure the tripod will extend as high or low as you need it to go depending on your photography subjects.

It should also fit you well, you do not want to be bending significantly all day long for an average height shot, that would be a real pain in the neck. The folded length is also important, the longer it is the more difficult it will be to tote around.

Bottom Line

Gitzo tripods come in a variety of constructions and combinations. Some will offer removable heads for those who prefer ball to pan and others will not.

The bottom line is you must consider all the options pertinent to your hobby or business before making a purchase.

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