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hdd player

HDD Player

By Anne Ahira

An HDD player is an amazing device you must add to your television medial system. 

This is because they are better than a DVR issued by your cable or satellite company, you will never miss a show, and you can have all of your favorite movies and shows at your fingertips.

An HDD player is the same thing as a DVR but it allows you to do so much more with it. 

Not only is it a box like the cable company offers you but it also is a recorder. This means that you can record DVD movies on this device.

All you have to do is place a DVD inside of the slot and press record and you will have the movie burned to the disk. 

Now when you watch a pay per view movie you can actually own the movie and watch it when you want to. This is very convenient and is the only time you should pay for a film.

An HDD player includes a hard drive that is over 200GB. Most DVRs that you receive through a satellite or cable company run out of space so quickly. They force you to delete your favorite shows before you can add more to the box.

When you own an HDD player if you come close to using up the space you can burn the movies to a DVD and keep them for later. This means you don’t have to make decisions which shows you are going to delete.

The best thing about an HDD player is that you will never miss your favorite show again. You will have the ability to record your shows while you are away at work or play. If there is a movie coming on that you really want to see then you can schedule a recording to occur.

Then when you get home you can watch the movie. You also have the ability to pause live television when you are distracted and you have to walk away. You can come back to the television, press play, and pick up where you left off.

This is very convenient. Also, if you see something on the news that you want to see again then you can rewind and watch it again.  You can also record live television to a DVD as you are watching it.

When you use an HDD player with a recorder you can have all of your favorite movies and shows at your fingertips. You don’t have to wait for shows to come on and schedule your life around your television.

Now you can watch television when it really is convenient for you. If you are a movie lover and you want the ability to pause live television, burn your favorite movies to DVD and save them to your television then you should consider an HDD player.

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