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Kyocera Copiers

Kyocera Copiers

By Anne Ahira

Some companies rise and fall on their ability to copy print and fax documents. In fact, most companies depend on this ability at least to some extent.

For the busy office, it is imperative to have a good copy machine/ printer that everyone can access.

It should be easily networked and provide quality prints at an affordable price. The problem comes with trying to balance all of this and come out with a decent product.

Kyocera copiers have one such model, the 1820. Overall, it is an impressive machine however each individual function is not top notch.


  • 18 pages per minute
  • Monochrome copier
  • 250 sheet primary tray optional second drawer available
  • 50 sheet secondary tray
  • Ethernet capabilities
  • 15,000 pages per month duty cycle


Installation comes standard with new Kyocera copiers purchases. If you are setting this copier up in a networking environment this feature is worth its weight in gold. Dealer installation takes all the headaches out of this procedure.

This example of Kyocera copiers comes with seven distinct all in one, or AIO functions.

  • Print, fax or scan over the network
  • Stand alone printer, scanner, copier with email function

As copiers go, it has more than enough functions for the needs of the average small business. To top it all off is the 50 sheet automatic document feeder which makes faxing, copying or emailing multipage much easier.

Overall, output quality is better than average when compared to other AIO monochrome printers and breaks down like this:

  • Text – very good
  • Graphics- good
  • Photos – fair

The text output for Kyocera copiers like the KM 1820 is a little less than the most similar copiers. However in testing font and font sizes it was found to perform wellwith font over 8 points and none required anything larger than 10.

Basically, as long as you do not need font at 4 points or less, and high style fonts at less than 8 points you should be fine.

Graphics on the other hand, are only acceptable for internal documents. They tend to look washed out and are probably less than what you would want to send out to clients.

Printed photos will be newspaper quality which makes it fine for internal documents or a company newsletter, however if you are in need of high quality photo prints you will want to look at other Kyocera copiers, and especially color instead of monochrome.


This printeris still a bit pricey for what it is. It currently retails just over $1500 and as you can see above has its fair share of quirks. Of course, it all depends on your office needs and requirements.

If the majority of your correspondence is in house and you do not print extremely high volumes per month the professional installation and unique features may be worth it to your business.


Of Kyocera copiers, this is not the top of the line. It is a network copier and has some unique features; however, your money might be well spent elsewhere.

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