Microwave Oven Buying Guide


Microwave Buying Guide

Microwave Buying Guide

By Anne Ahira

Microwave ovens have become valuable and powerful accessories without which a kitchen is incomplete. Not only do today’s microwaves reheat the right one can cook entire meals or portions.

When buying a microwave oven the choices you have are astounding, such as countertop, over the range, speed-cooking, compact and built-in microwaves and over the oven microwaves. That is just the style.

The regular countertop microwave can fit handily under most cabinets and come in several different colors and finishes.

The over the range microwave is designed to fit in a built-in cabinet space and save precious counter space. These microwaves need to be of a better quality if you want it to last. They will be exposed to the heat of the range in most cases and a less expensive microwave oven may not hold up.

Speed-cooking microwave ovens combine a powerful microwave with convection, and even add steamer capability such as the Whirlpool Gh7208xrq microwave oven. However, you can expect to pay a higher price for microwaves with multi-capabilities and more wattage.

Once you choose your style then you should choose cubic feet and wattage – how much it holds and how much power output it has and the faster it can cook. Prices are as variable as types with microwave ovens and some models can be as little as $60 and others as much as $800.

More wattage is not necessarily better when buying a new microwave for reheating leftovers or cooking popcorn. You may want more cubic feet of space if your want more than a small bowl in a very inexpensive microwave and though a 600 watt microwave will be very slow if you don’t plan on doing more than reheating a bowl with it, then it should do the job.

Microwave Buying Guide – Narrowing Down Your Choices

Unless you are completely remodeling your kitchen, you know just how much space you have to allot to a microwave. You also have an idea of the type of finish such as a black smooth finish or a stainless steel finish that would look good with your current kitchen décor.

Suit your microwave to your purpose, not too much or too little and you will be happier in the end.  You should make careful measurements at this time. Not only how wide your counter or built-in area is, but also how much clearance you have between the countertop surface and the top of your shelving.

Once you know these measurements, you can narrow down the field and decide on brands and capabilities. If you are buying your new microwave to fit an existing kitchen or a remodeling plan, the measurements will be the first thing to know.

Even if you only want to reheat coffee in your microwave, you may not want to settle on the absolute lowest price microwave you can find. Choose one instead that will have a decent warranty, and has decent customer reviews as well. Such sites as amazon.com offer customer reviews both negative and positive and they can help ease some of the uncertainty when purchasing a microwave.

If on the other hand you want to do a lot more with your microwave then not only the dimension of the microwave is important but how much it can hold, and how quickly it cooks. Select these microwaves based on the features you want such as preprogrammed menus or the ability to brown as well as cook and then adjust for your budget.

When purchasing a more expensive kitchen appliance it is important to research, know if it fits, if it will last and if it really does what it claims. Research your choice a little and it will pay off in durability and usefulness.

Microwave Oven Buying Tips

Choose the microwave oven based on your cooking habits. A 2.2 cubic ft oven with 1300 watts power and speed cooking may not suit the person who uses it only occasionally if at all.

On the other hand, if you use your microwave oven frequently and want to upgrade your capabilities then that particular size and wattage will work if it fits into your available counter or overhead space.

Ask about the warranty, microwave ovens are small and can add versatility to your kitchen but some microwaves ovens will last better in high heat or constant usage situations.

Speed-cooking ovens are especially useful with working parents who have limited time to prepare a meal but prefer not to serve “canned meals”. The price is more than worth it for these families in the speed of cooking and the savings in time.

Dials and gadgets abound on microwaves; there are timers, preprogrammed meals on some models. They will not heat the kitchen the way standard ovens do and they are unobtrusive those are the positive factors. On the other hand, many a would-be chef has purchased a powerful microwave oven only to find they do not use it or it does not cook as they expected.

If you decide to purchase a microwave oven online then you will have to opportunity to select from almost any brand, size and style made and read customer experiences concerning exactly that model.

You will want to ask about shipping policies and costs if they apply, make sure your merchant is a reputable web site and perhaps inquire into an extended warranty for a major purchase. However, microwaves are more versatile, affordable and reliable than ever before, breakdowns do happen.

When purchasing online or at a retail store ask also about the return policy if you are dissatisfied or this microwave oven does not fit or perform as expected. Know before you buy that new microwave. If you are buying a major brand of microwave such as Whirlpool ask also about local repair service just in case you need it.

When your microwave arrives, it will usually require no installation – though if it is an over the oven style you may want help putting it up even though they are light the position can be awkward.  After that, you need only enjoy your new microwave for years to come.

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