MP3 FM Radio Player


mp3 fm radio player

mp3 fm radio player

By Anne Ahira

When a media player will hold hundreds of songs you might think, you would not need a radio but sometimes it is less about what you need and more about what you want! An mp3 fm radio player is what all the kids want this year.

Many brands are now offering an integrated FM radio on all their top models.

This is a recent development in response to customer demands. The Phillips SA61 is one affordable option for an mp3 FM radio player.



  • 8 GB memory
  • Full sound technology
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 25 hour battery life on audio- 5 hour video
  • 11 channel equalizer
  • FM radio


This mp3 fm radio player has a 3.5-inch color LCD display perfect for watching your favorite movie or video clip. The size of the screen alone makes this player worth the money.

When you receive your mp3 FM radio player from Phillips it will come pre-loaded with a video tutorial that takes you step by step through all the functions of the player, this was a nice touch. Flexible music options are a plus as well; this device works well with both Napster and Rhapsody.


When it comes time to put movies or video on your player you may have to convert them with the provided software. Video format for the Phillips is WMV preferred and so all flash videos will have to be converted. It can be done but is time consuming.

Ear buds are not great, at this point, it is hard to say why anyone expects them to be. Out of hundreds of mp3 FM radio reviews, you will only find one, maybe, that could claim good ear buds right out of the box. Advice, go and purchase a nice set of ear buds to keep on hand and throw away the ones that come with any new device.

Customer Ratings

Customers are happy with the purchase, even if they had one of the above issues. The price is the one point that consumers point to when talking about this device, on Amazon this mp3 radio player is priced below $100.


It is not the Apple touch but it is not bad either, plus it is much cheaper than many of the main competitors. If you are in need of a reasonably priced mp3 radio player with video capabilities the Phillips SA61 is not a bad choice.

Good sound quality with a new pair of ear buds, beautiful LCD display and more than enough room for music, video, or images. All in all, you could do a lot worse than this mp3 radio player.

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