MP3 Player Buying Guide


MP3 Player Buying Guide

MP3 Player Buying Guide

By Anne Ahira

Like it or not MP3 player technology is upgrading faster than the consumer can purchase. When buying an MP3 player your budget, your use and what capabilities you need will all is primary factors.

lso remember when buying an MP3 player that it will soon become outdated though still useable. If you plan to replace this MP3 Player next year when the newer prettier and trendier models come out, you may want to limit your investment.

Some questions to ask yourself before you decide on which MP3 Player to buy are, do you listen to music only or do you watch videos. Do you store a lot of music or videos?

Internet technology is now available on MP3 Players, so you can download music and other media from the internet, is that something you do or want to do?

Where do you use your MP3 player? Is size a consideration, not so much, if you are driving in the car and listening to your favorite music, more so if you are working out or jogging and need an MP3 Player that will stay in place and not weigh you down?  Most MP3 Players with hard drives will be bulkier than a player with a flash drive will. 

Hard drives may hold more music and flash drives will let you switch out your music or videos easier. Will you want your MP3 Player to hold almost ever tune or video that ever struck your fancy? You are definitely going to want a hard drive and a large one at that.

Watching videos and listening to audio books is a popular way to use an MP3 Player and if you plan to use your MP3 player to watch movies on you will want a good-sized drive and a decent display.

As mentioned before when buying an MP3 player there are options upon options available brands and styles. Your choices may be limited by your budget or if you have a little larger pocketbook then you can select to suit your purposes.

MP3 Player Buying Guide – Brands and Capabilities

How can any MP3 Player buying guide be considered complete without mentioning the IPod, it is so widespread that IPod has become a term known to everyone. However, you may not necessarily want to base your purchase on a brand alone until you consider the limitations as well as the capabilities of the IPod.

Many items such as TVs have special docking ports for the Apple IPod, and IPods have one of the simplest and most complete download abilities with direct access to legal music and media from the ITunes store.

However, the Apple name costs more and the proprietary software makes it a little more difficult to transfer music and media to your home computer. You may choose to investigate other brands with more capabilities and a lower price tag instead.

An adequate display screen is important if you plan to watch videos or movies on your MP3 player. If your Mp3 player has too tiny, a screen and you will be doing more listening than watching.  A screen on your MP3 player any smaller than 2 inches may not display your videos or visual media well enough to be enjoyable.

Do you want a touch screen on your new MP3 player? If so, what are the drawbacks to a touch screen?  Oil and other foreign substances can cause the touch screen to wear out faster.

If the resolution on the screen is too low then errors are possible (touching where you think the item could be but is not). They do not necessarily add cost to the MP3 player the Pro Ezbiz Video MP3 can be found for under $50.00 but they do increase the possibility of malfunction. However, it is the wave of the future and may well add to your enjoyment of your new MP3 player.

MP3 Player Buying Guide – What Is Your Choice?

It is time for the real decision-making. You have a budget, you have some capabilities in mind, and you have made the decision IPod or not iPod. What else is there? The short answer is all the rest! Do you want your new purchase to be internet capable or not. Do you want a hard drive or flash drive and how large for your New MP3 Player? How big is your budget?

Whether you buy your MP3 Player online or you shop at the local retail store you will find a wealth of choices. Avoid features you really do not need since often they will add to the cost but not your satisfaction.

Ask about the return policy on merchandise when you shop. Some online merchants offer refurbished MP3 players as well and new ones. If you are investing a larger amount in your MP3 player, you may want to pass up the savings on a refurbished model and go for the new one especially if you want the newest features on your MP3 player.

If you are buying your MP3 Player online then find out how much shipping charges are and how your player will be shipped as well as the expected delivery date. Shipping charges vary from source to source and usually account for a very small percentage of your MP3 player purchase price. The selection of MP3 player styles and capabilities may be more attractive online than at a local store.

If your MP3 Player comes with ear buds, you may also want to consider replacing them with something more suitable and comfortable. The included ear buds are usually low quality and not always very comfortable. Is the USB port 1.1 or 2.0 compatible? USB 2.0 ports provide the fasted data transmission when transferring files to or from your MP3 player.

As long as you bear in mind technology for MP3 players is constantly upgrading and you choose a player that has the sound quality, storage, and or display abilities you use most you will certainly find an MP3 player that you can use and be happy with until you are ready to upgrade.

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