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Nanny Cam

Nanny Cam

By Anne Ahira

Your children are more precious to you than anything else on the planet and in a perfect world parents would be able to have mom or dad at home with them at all times.

However, more and more both parents have to work and too often family members are just as busy so the average family must hire a nanny or babysitter.

Even in homes where only one parent working there comes a time when parents need a nice night out together. The problem is how well can you know the sitter you have hired to keep your children?

In spite of excellent references, there are still bad apples that make it through your front door.  What is a parent to do to protect their children when they are not at home? A nanny cam is quickly becoming the answer to many parents’ prayers.

What is a Nanny Cam?

In the simplest of terms, a nanny cam is a small hidden camera that you can place in various rooms of your home to keep an eye on things while you are gone. These tiny cameras can be purchased and placed in any number of common objects around the house. You may need a bit of skill to install these kinds of cameras without leaving a trace.

If you are less mechanically inclined, you can purchase items that have the camera pre-installed for you. Security and baby stores around the country have items such as teddy bears, fake smoke detectors, fake potted plants and AM/FM clock radios. Some homes have more than one type of camera so as to keep an eye on many areas.

Types of Nanny Cam

Nanny cams can be as simple or complex as you can afford. The most basic camera will be black and white with time and date stamp, but no audio. Some will require an electrical outlet for power while others can operate for many hours on battery alone. The type of camera you choose will have a lot to do with how much you can afford to spend.

The Alarm Clock Model

One popular nanny cam is hidden away in a fully functional AM/FM alarm clock. This type of nanny cam will look natural in most rooms of your home and not arouse any suspicions.  Take for instance this model from Amazon.


  • Built In 8 GB SD DVR & 8GB SD Card
  • Remote Control
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Totally Covert
  • $389 Amazon price


The first good thing about this particular nanny cam is the fact that it is so covert. Where a babysitter might become suspicious of the smoke detector that did not go off when she burnt lunch an operational clock radio will not cause any suspicion what so ever.  Never doubt for an instant that a person up to no good will avoid detection at all costs.

While simple do it yourself cameras may be a little cheaper, you will not find a nanny cam much easier to set up. The memory required to record images is already built in, as is the camera.

All you will need to do is pick the location, set the unit up and go to work with full confidence knowing you can monitor your children’s day when you get home. Set the machine to record when you leave for work and when you return pop the SD card out and plug it into your computer or other SD card reader. What could be simpler?


No one wants to believe that bad things can happen in their own home to their children, but an hour or so with the evening news will tell a different story.

Unfortunately, there are those in our society who cannot control their temper or worse are actively seeking young victims. Ask any parent who has dealt with the aftermath of abuse and they will tell you many times that it came from the last person they would have suspected.

Children are innocent and helpless to defend themselves; it is up to parents to provide the safest environment possible. A nanny cam is the best option for watching over your precious cargo when you simply cannot be at home with them.  Do your family a favor and choose a good nanny cam today.

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