Alternative Uses for a Nanny Cam


Nanny Cams

Nanny Cams

By Anne Ahira

Anyone who has children or grandchildren has at least considered the wisdom of purchasing and installing a nanny cam in their home.

With the news constantly reporting bad things that happen to children while in the care of people other than parents it is little wonder that nanny cam purchases are up 25%!

However, if you do not have children you may not have ever considered that there are other situations where you could benefit from having eyes and sometimes ears on your home.



Do you have a cleaning service come in on a regular basis? Many times busy lives leave little time for vacuuming and mopping the floor so a cleaning service is nearly a necessity. Obviously if you do not have time to do the work yourself, you do not have time to monitor what the crew is doing in your home.

A few well-placed nanny cams can keep you abreast of the situation. Catch the crew that is slipping out an hour early but still billing you, or watch as they cut corners to get through your home more quickly. You are paying for the service you should be getting what you paid for!

Pet sitters

Even if you do not have children what about pets? Homes around the world have pets and if you have one you know they can require as much and sometimes more care than a small child!

Pet sitters are an excellent way to ensure your baby is getting attention, outside time and feeding while you are out. Like any other service, however you may find your pet sitter is spending more time watching your television than you precious pet.


Do you need a room remodeled or an addition placed on your home? Construction crews are notorious for cutting corners, billing for product they did not use and basically slacking on the job when the boss or homeowner is not around.

Since you can basically place a small nanny cam anywhere such as in a painting, clock, plant, smoke detector or light you should be able to place a well-made camera in an area that will keep tabs on your home remodel and go undetected.

Petty Thief

In life people sometimes, have a “friend” who comes to visit often and strange things begin to happen. Your favorite pair of earrings is suddenly nowhere to be found, tools mysteriously go missing and so on. The problem is you have absolutely no proof that they are pilfering and stealing behind your back, or worse the petty thief is actually a member of your family!

Pick up a few nanny cams, Amazon has a wonderful pinhole wireless spy camera with microphone for around $60. This little camera will fit discreetly in many different places and you should have no problem catching your little thief in the act.

One thing you should know, while spy cameras are legal in all 50 states there are legality issues with voice recording in up to 15 states, check your state regulations especially if you are planning to turn a thief into the authorities.


There are thousands of ways to use the pinhole spy camera for safety, but have you ever considered how much fun they could be? Remote control cars are a cheap form of entertainment for people of all ages and just imagine what a wireless camera could add!

Strap this tiny camera on your remote control car or truck and transmit first person images directly on your big screen television. Play amateur spy around the neighborhood or simply have a roaring good time with the family dog.


The Instaspark wireless pinhole camera has many uses a few of which are listed above.

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