Netgear Wireless Router for the Home or Office


Netgear Wireless Router

Netgear Wireless Router

By Anne Ahira

When any new technology is released, there are always market leaders and followers.

Generally speaking, the market leader is the company that either developed or purchased said technology.

In this article we are going to discuss a company that is a follower, or niche provider.

Netgear, Inc, designs, develops and sells networking products for both home users and small businesses. In the past few years the company has experienced a good deal of success with their small business clients around the world.

Currently, the company offers a full range of Internet components and accessories. These include Internet-enabled devices that allow file sharing, multiple personal computers, digital multimedia content and a number of specific applications.

The company’s most popular product to date is the Netgear wireless router. If you have never heard of a wireless router before, let us take a moment to explain exactly what it is.

The typical wireless router performs all of the same functions as a regular router, i.e., it connects you to the Internet, only it does not require the aforementioned wires. Rather, it relies on a wireless access point that allows users to quickly and easily go online without the need for a cabled connection.

The Netgear wireless router operates over a wired or a wireless LAN (local area network). It may also be compatible with some mixed networks. When it comes to the features of the Netgear wireless router, they are quite common.

And common is not necessarily bad, but we are referring to the fact that Netgear typically produces what you might call no-frills routers. That is, browsers that are competitively priced and do not offer users a lot of bells and whistles. In fact, that may be why they are such a hit with home and small business owners.

So, when it comes to features, the Netgear wireless router is a model of efficiency. They often include several LAN ports, which operate in the same way as a traditional port on a network switch. You can also expect to find a WAN port, which helps users connect to a much larger area network.

However, as we said, the LAN network is generally the only one that wireless users need. Lastly, the device will always include a wireless antenna. This gives users the ability to connect other wireless devices, such as repeaters, bridges and interface cards.

Why buy a Netgear wireless router?

As we mentioned, Netgear offers some of the most affordable wireless routers on the market today. But a Netgear wireless router is also extremely easy to use and to install.

There is no complicated programming process or any essential software that must be downloaded. All you need is Internet service and a computer to take advantage of all of the benefits of wireless routers.

For these reason and many more, wireless routers are easily the most popular routers for both small and large businesses. But Netgear chooses to advertise their products primarily to small businesses for one simple reason–they are competing on the basis of price and therefore they are not interested in a lot of fancy features.

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