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Network Routers

Network Routers

By Anne Ahira

Home networking is more popular than ever as desktop computers are more than affordable and powerful at the same time while netbooks are on the rise in popularity because of their small size and low price tag. Even smartphones are able to connect to the Internet wirelessly as long as there is signal coming from a hotspot.

If you want to turn your home or business area into a hotspot where all computers and laptops can connect to one location to gain Internet access and network connectivity, you will need to look for wireless network routers for sale. Before you rush to Amazon to find a good network router for yourself, consider these factors first.

Devices Supported

Just about all modern laptops and netbooks have a built-in wireless adapter so getting a wireless network router instead of a wired one is a no brainer.

However, you might have some older desktops or network printers that rely on Ethernet cables to be part of the network and getting a USB wireless adapter could cost some extra or getting a PCI wireless card requires some installation efforts.

Finding network routers that have both wireless capabilities and Ethernet ports are the best way to go as these routers make sure that all devices within the household or area range form a network where the Internet is freely shared. If you have a USB storage device that you wish to share on the network, look for network routers that have a USB port.

Network Speeds

All of the modern wireless network routers support the Wireless-G connectivity (also known as the 802.11g standard). These type of routers have a speed rating of 54 Mbps which is sufficient to provide dozens of devices with Mbps speeds and if your Internet connection speeds are much lower, these types of routers should be your best choice for maximum savings.

There are newer and slightly more expensive routers that have the 802.11n which multiply the speeds to 300 Mbps.

This speed is only applicable to devices that have an 802.11n wireless adapter and it won’t increase the speed of your Internet connection if it is slower so these types of high speed routers are ideal for frequent file transfers of high capacity data across a wireless network.

Security Features

Network routers are better when they use encryption to keep connections private and safe from unauthorized access. Other routers are equipped with a built-in SPI firewall which serves as a first-line defense against anonymous attacks that may be able to bypass any software firewalls.


Wireless routers revolve around a firmware which can get corrupted during unexpected situations. Other defects might surface as the router gets used and only a warranty can save you from buying another router. Carefully read the warranty information before going on with the purchase.

Finally, before going on with the online purchase, read any customer reviews or editorial reviews so you can see how the router works with others. One of the best places to find network routers reviews is in Amazon.

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