Onkyo Home Theater System


Onkyo Home Theater System

Onkyo Home Theater System

By Anne Ahira

Are you the type of person who loves to go to the theater? Sure, other than the high cost of soda and candy don’t we all love to go to the theater and be wrapped up in not only the huge display but also the awesome sound!

What if you could get that same theater experience at home? With Onkyo home theater system, you could get a whole lot closer.

A home theater system can be 7.1 or 5.1 surround and may come with a combination audio and video tuner or just audio. The bottom line is you want theater quality sound in your living room without breaking the bank to do it!


  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Audio video tuner
  • IPod dock
  • HDMI pass through 3 inputs – 1 output
  • 1200 watts total power


One of the impressive features of the Onkyo home theater system is the HDMI pass through technology.

You see many HD televisions only have one HDMI input on the set itself; with this receiver, you can plug in all your HD video equipment and not have to worry about switching wires around if you have a television with only one input.

As technology advances, you will see more and more HD capable video equipment.

Another innovative feature of the Onkyo home theater system is the built in IPod dock. Now you can instantly enjoy your favorite music in 7.1 surround sound. No matter how advanced your IPod may be it is not going to have the heart pounding bass capability of a home theater.

1200 watts of power means you are not going to be sitting around listening to some wimpy surround sound! This beast will thump and the room correction technology built into the Onkyo home theater system will create the best surround sound environment for any room.


One thing that is a bit deceiving about the Onkyo home theater system is the HDMI pass through. No matter what any sales person tells you this is only for video. You will not get the benefit of hearing things recorded in lossless formats.

This receiver will not do it so do not ask! However, you have to keep in perspective the price difference of the Onkyo home theater system and others that will play those file formats, you will pay for the extra performance.

Bottom Line

Onkyo home theater system may not be the top of the line in high definition audio playback but this is still quite a system for the money. You will get sound from your movies that you did not know existed!

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