Best Digital Copiers for the Office


Digital Copiers

By Anne Ahira

Many active offices and business corporations today consist of several computers connected together in a network forming information systems that exchange data for productive purposes.

A lot of the information gets printed on paper for filing or other purposes and it is very likely for copies of these important documents are made for archiving, reference, or for certain individuals in the office.


Copying machines make this possible, but their slow copying speeds, low capacity, average ink quality, few supported formats, and lack of features can make these traditional copying machines unreliable for mission critical tasks. Digital copiers that are sold in are far more enhanced than ordinary copiers especially if any of these models are going to be used in the office.

Canon imageCLASS D320

The Canon D320 is a small digital copier that is advertised as a personal digital copier for offices at home. This is why the price is quite low at under $250, but it still has some impressive specs like laser printing with an impressive speed of 15 copies-per-minute.

It also has support for legal size paper and despite the small size, can hold 250 sheets of paper. Finally, it is an environmentally conscious digital copier that has Energy Star Qualifications.

Canon imageCLASS D340

The D340 can print just as fast as the D320, but also contains a 50-sheet automatic document feeder and warms up very quickly in just 1 second. It is also smaller and lighter than the D320 while having only a slightly higher price tag. It is a better choice for small offices as it is easy to use and the automatic document feeder is a great convenience.

Brother DCP-8080dn

Brother is an excellent brand when opting for digital copiers that have more features and specs. The DCP-8080dn is one of the features that are more advanced, but cost only slightly higher than the Canon imageCLASS models. This digital copier is superior in printing speeds capable of printing up to 32 copies-per-minute.

The maximum dpi is 1200 x 1200 which is twice as much as the D340. In addition to the legal size support, the DCP-8080dn also supports automatic duplex printing to save time in printing both sides of a paper.

It can also carry more sheets of paper with a capacity of 300 sheets. However, this digital copier is twice as heavy so it is important to find a good spot and take advantage of its Ethernet capabilities so multiple computers in the network can use it without needing to move it.

Generally, the larger the business, the larger the digital copier is needed. Avoid getting digital copiers that have enhanced specs that won’t be used. To save money, figure out how often the digital copier will be used before choosing the desired specs.

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Blu Ray DVD Player


Blu Ray Dvd Player

Blu Ray Dvd Player

By Anne Ahira

Sony designed the Blu Ray dvd to take the standard DVD format one step further.

Playstation three and high definition video are the main uses for Blu Ray and the Blu ray DVD has the same size as a CD and a standard dvd.


These days HD DVD is considered old news. If you have a home theater then you only have one choice for high definition movie discs and that is blu ray.

Blu ray DVD player will give you outstanding images when watching movies that are encoded in a resolution of 1080p and full and vibrant colors that really do put standard DVD players to shame. There are many Blu ray DVD players on the market today so choosing one can be a bit difficult.

You can purchase an expensive Blu ray DVD players that stands alone and you can choose from a wide array of streaming media options which include YouTube and Netflix. The price you pay for a blu ray DVD player can vary from a couple of hundred dollars up to several hundreds of dollars, depending on the features offered.

A great Blu ray DVD player should be a fast loading system that plays music, videos and photos from an USB drive or by means of a network. It should offer you the best image quality and integrated decoding for the numerous HD audio soundtracks on the market today.

A blu ray DVD player should come with a remote control that is simple and easy to use with playback controls in a sensible place. Be sure to check that the blu ray DVD player you are looking at has a great user interface. The simpler menus seem to be the best and straightforward icons are always greatly appreciated.

Nearly all new blu ray players are Profile 2.0 compatible. This means that they can access playback features that are available on blu ray movies. A great blu ray player will offer you at least one gigabyte of storage so that you will not have to plug in a USB memory device in order to download more content.

The good blu ray dvd players also are equipped with a Wi-Fi connector and an ethernet port and should be able to allow you to stream media from PCs that are connected to a network.

The very best blu ray DVD players offer Dolby digital surround sound, gold plated connectors and memory card slots.

Choosing a great blu ray DVD player should be done by taking your budget into consideration and by thinking of the features that you want and cannot live without. There are many great blu ray DVD players available, so take your time when choosing so you are sure to get the one that is perfect for you.

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