Panasonic Fax Machine


Panasonic Fax Machine

By Anne Ahira

Have you ever needed to fax an important document only to find there was no place in town to do so?

Even banks that offer fax services often will only fax for account holders or they charge a ridicules fee.

The better option is to have a fax machine at home, ready to send or receive documents when you need them. For a home business, this is even more important.

However if you are a small business or only need to send the occasional fax you do not want to spend a fortune doing it. A simple plain paper device like this Panasonic fax machine is the perfect solution.


  • Plain-paper fax machine and telephone
  • Digital answering system
  • 18-minutes of recording
  • 1 main mailbox and 2 personal mailboxes
  • Digital duplex speakerphone
  • 50-sheet paper tray
  • 10-page document feeder
  • 2-line 16-character LCD
  • Caller ID
  • Distinctive-ring compatible
  • $99


This is a plain paper fax machine with a few bonuses. Included are a copier, telephone and answering machine.

The answering machine has a main mailbox those stores up to 18 minutes of messages as well as two optional mailboxes for other staff members. You can even program this Panasonic fax machine to send you a message on your pager if you get a voicemail.

Along with the fun messaging included with the Panasonic fax machine are several telephone functions.

You will have a two-line LCD caller ID display, distinctive ring capability that gives a distinctive ring when you to have up to three separate numbers on the same line, and extension line transfer. The distinctive ring is only available if you subscribe to the service through your local telephone company.

For all the telephone features, the Panasonic fax machine excels at faxes and copies. Faxes look great on this machine, and you can make multiple copies. This Panasonic fax machine comes with a 50-sheet tray for multiple copies and you will be able to enlarge or reduce the document as well as collate.


A couple of customers have complained of paper jams when they first received their Panasonic fax machine. This seems to be isolated to just a couple of machines so it is not a big concern.

Bottom Line

If you need a small fax, machine with extra telephone capabilities this Panasonic fax machine will be a good buy for you.

It will do all the necessary functions that you need it to do and it is a bargain in the process. Seven out of ten people who have purchased this machine have been very happy with the results.

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