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Panasonic Phones

Panasonic Phones

By Anne Ahira

Panasonic Phones have been a mainstay of the telecommunications industry for years.

It is a name that has come to mean quality and value and a name that most people in America, if not the world, feel that they can trust to give them a good product for the price they spend.

Panasonic Phones have always been on the cutting edge of technology and today’s selection is no exception.

You will find an assortment ranging from the DECT digitally enhanced models to the Blue Tooth enabled ones.


There are models that take advantage of the technology afforded by Wi-Fi and then there are the old stand by corded phones.

Why on earth would you want a Wi-Fi enabled Panasonic Phone? How about because when you are in a hotspot you can then use SKYPE to make and receive alls from anywhere with no additional charges?

How about because it will simplify your life and just might even free you from the need to have a high cell phone bill if you can live with making and getting calls only when you are in a hotspot that doesn’t require browser authentication. The reviews and response form the critics and general public have been good.

Panasonic Phones for Blue Tooth are great because it then allows you to link your cellular to the unit in your home so that you can make and receive cell based calls through the home unit so you can have the ease of use of a home phone and still use the features and the convenience and minutes from your cellular.

It kind of gives you the best of both worlds when you are home and cuts down on the need for a home phone.

The DECT Panasonic Phones offered give you much improved voice quality over standard cordless units and at the same time increase the range you can use them away from the base by a huge amount while improving sound and security and adding features that allow you to customize the particular phone system you are using to fit your home life style.

Some of these units are offering call blocking and intercom and other features that will make using the home phone enjoyable again.

The Panasonic Phones that are corded come in both single and multiple lines and are pretty much designed for a home office or desk in the den more than for actual normal home usage.

The Panasonic Phones of today are a far cry from what we saw only a few years ago and as the industry and technology changes, they will continue to grow, change and evolve onto units that give the public at large what the consumer needs and wants.

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