Philips Portable DVD Player


philips portable dvd player

philips portable dvd player

By Anne Ahira

In this fast-paced world, everything is becoming portable. You have portable media players and even porta potties! Take music, telephones, and games with you wherever you go.

Now you can even get devices that combine applications. Take for instance the Philips portable DVD player with IPod dock.


  • 9 inch LCD screen
  • IPod docking port
  • Doubles as a digital frame
  • Play CD, S(VCD), DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, MP3, WMA ,JPEG digital camera photos, DivX & MPEG4 movies
  • Built in battery
  • 2.5 hour battery life


Talk about an all in one device the Philips portable DVD player has gone the next step in portable media. This device will play movies from your IPod, DVD or SD card. More choices are what all consumers are looking for in electronic products and this one has more than most.

Insert your SD memory card and instantly transform your Philips portable DVD player into a digital picture frame. Have a slide show playing of your favorite family photos and impress your friends.

Tired of trying to choose between digital movie players and a DVD player? Now you have both in one small portable device.

You will not have to take your entire DVD library with you on vacation nor will you have to convert them all to a compatible digital format. Great picture on the nine-inch screen with a screen brightness of 640 x 220.


Customers did note that the design of the Philips portable DVD player was a bit flimsy. The unit itself is constructed of light plastic and the DVD door is quite flimsy.

The screen does not have great viewing angles. If it is tilted too far in one direction, you will get the black screen that was common in the early days of the big screen. This is a major drawback to a device that is otherwise a great concept.

These devices are made to be small and portable and that means small speakers in the bargain. The speaker sound is okay but not outstanding. In a large room with lots of background noise, you will need headphones or ear buds to hear it very well.

Customer Ratings

Even with the few drawbacks, the Philips portable DVD player with IPod dock has been well received. Comments like “Swiss army knife of electronics”, great small media center and more.


Good player that incorporates many features into one small device. Perfect for long car trips, camping or anywhere you can catch a few minutes to watch a movie.

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