Plantronics Headset


Plantronics Headset

By Anne Ahira

You might be wondering what exactly a Plantronics Headset is. Well to put it straight and to the point. Plantronics is the name of the company that produces a lot of headsets.

We are talking a company that makes everything from computer headsets to USB headsets to Blue Tooth headsets and telephone packages that are used to add headset capability to many offices in the world today.

Not only is the company a current leader in this industry, but also they have been a leader in it for many years.


I bet that if you walk into almost any regular office in the United States of America today and look at the desk you will find a Plantronics Headset being used by someone in that office. Telemarketers love them.

The telephone version can be as simple as a box that plugs into your desk set where your headset cord comes out and it allows you to either use the handset normally or push a button and have a headset that allows you to talk hands free and thus allow you to use your PC at the same time to look up items or type in orders from the client or type whatever you might need to type.

Plantronics currently manufactures Plantronics Headset in both wired and wireless varieties for almost any mobile phone out there today. That means that if you have an older style phone with a standard headset jack you can grab one of the wired headsets and be good to go.

If your mobile phone is Blue Tooth enabled, you can link and go in no time at all and look sleek and stylish, as you stay connected on the road.

The Plantronics Headset is offered in home versions that can connect up to your current home telephone system and allow you to be able to use your regular cordless home phone as a hands free unit with everything from a standard headset and microphone combo to a nice noise canceling ear bud style unit.

If you are looking for a Plantronics Headset for your office or home office you will undoubtedly be amazed at the variety of choices in this area. You can go as simple or as extravagant as you want to and you are literally limited only by your imagination and the funds you have available to dedicate to this venture.

When you add on to that the fact that Plantronics Headsets can be purchased for any computer on the market including voice over the Internet uses, gaming, just listening to music. It is easy to see why this company has been so popular for so long and why it continues to remain a frontrunner in the industry even today.

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